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Save 30% on your phone bill

Click through to your favorite webshop And shop like you usually do.
You get a % of your purchase total back In Viking Points. 1 Viking Point = € 1.
Use Viking Points to settle your phone bill And save up to 30% per month.
  • How do I know whether my purchase at the Viking Deal partner has been registered correctly?

    As soon as our partner completes the registration of your purchase, They and we will send you a confirmation email about your Viking advantage. The Viking Points will be pending (in your Viking Wallet) until our partner has completely finalised the purchase.

    Sidenote: certain Viking Deals have specific conditions. Those are available with each Deal.

  • How do the online Viking Deals work?

    Two things matter:

    • to be able to benefit from a Deal, you can visit our partner via our page using the red button. This activates your Viking ID for our partner, allowing them to identify you as a Viking. Obviously, you therefore need to be logged in on your Viking account.
    • The Viking Deals plug-in is another option. The plug-in notifies you when you're browsing one of our partners' webshops, so you'll never miss another Viking Deal again. Download it for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
    • cookies: what can go wrong? After clicking the red button, you'll land on the page at our partner's website. There, you'll be identified as a Viking with a cookie. Attention: if now you were to open a new tab or a different browser, our cookie will be overwritten with that of the new website. This will cause your link to Mobile Vikings to disappear.

    So how can you be sure?

    Most of all, it's important you allow the so-called "third-party cookies" in your browser. This way, our partner will know you're a Viking if you visit them via our page. Here's how you enable cookies in the most popular browsers.

    Internet Explorer

    Google Chrome

    Mozilla Firefox

    Apple Safari

    Secondly, it's best to disable the "do not track" functionality in your browser. Quite often, that too prevents the use of cookies. Below you'll find out how to go about that in the most popular browsers.

    Windows Explorer (all versions)

    Google Chrome

    Mozilla Firefox

    Apple Safari

    Another option is of course to not surf incognito in your browser, and have no adblocker active.

    Want to be 100% sure?

    In that case, visit our partner via our  page, prepare your shopping cart, and visit our partner again via our designated Mobile Vikings page. If all goes well, your shopping cart will still be available and you're ready to order. After ordering, our partner will confirm your order and within 24 hours you'll also receive a confirmation email from Mobile Vikings that your Viking Points will be available shortly after.

  • I’ve made a purchase via the Viking Deals. However, I can’t use my Viking Points yet. How is that possible?

    Your Viking Points will be pending until our partner has verified and completed your purchase. How long this takes, obviously depends on which partner it is. After this, your Viking Points will become available. You’ll find them on the page ‘My Viking Wallet’.

    Sidenote: certain Viking Deals have specific conditions. Those are available with each Deal.

  • Who can participate in the Viking Deals?

    Everyone! We don’t differentiate between Vikings and non-Vikings. If you’re already a (Mobile) Viking, make sure to always go to our partner via our partner page.

    Those who aren’t a Viking yet can also participate. Ordering a SIM card and becoming a Mobile Viking can be done on this page. You become a Viking with an account only here

    Sidenote: certain Viking Deals have specific conditions. Those are available with each Deal.

  • Do I need a Mobile Vikings SIM card to enjoy Viking Deals?

    Nope. Enjoying Viking Deals is also possible with just a Viking account. You won't be able to use the viking-points though. You'll still have access to the Viking Lab as well.

    Create your own account on the registration page.


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