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1 referred Viking = 12 months of surfing twice as much
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Mobile Vikings is the prepaid mobile provider
that leads the mobile revolution.

Using this ammunition:
Call and text your Viking friends for free.
Superfast surfing with 4G.
Easily earn free top-ups.
Use our Viking App on the go.

If you become a Viking...

you can top up just like you do with a subscription.
you use the 4G network with any bundle.
we arrange your number transfer.
you get the best helpdesk in Belgium.
you get impressive EU data roaming rates.
you download the Viking App for free.

Mobile Vikings, that's...

... the mobile revolution since 2009.
... a community of more than 200.000 Vikings (and counting).
... give or take 45 employees full of Viking DNA.

More questions? Ask away!

Give us a call on 078 353 033 (local rate) or email us at info@mobilevikings.com.

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