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Mobile Vikings prepaid cards

Become a Viking and enjoy the best rate plans for mobile data.

  • Full budget control
  • Maximum flexibility
  • No contracts


Why choose a Mobile Vikings prepaid card?

Awesome 4G coverage

We’re on the Orange network, which provides 99,9% of Belgians with 4G. So, pretty much everyone.

Amazing customer service

No menus when you call. Fast service via social media and email.

Enjoy the Viking advantage

Call all other Mobile Vikings free of charge and enjoy unlimited texts to all numbers.

Only Data

Or do you actually only use data?

Then why pay for a bundle of minutes or texts you won't use anyway? With an Only Data rate plan you only have what you use every day: a data bundle to message, game and (video) call over the internet.

8GB €15
With an Only Data rate plan you can still receive texts and calls in the EU, and call free numbers and emergency numbers.
Switching to mobile vikings is super easy
You choose your rate plan
Loads of mobile data or calling minutes? Choose and order online.
Keep your phone number
Of course you can keep your phone number when you switch to Mobile Vikings. Unless you want a new number, which obviously is also possible.
We do the rest
We contact your provider to cancel your current subscription, you don’t have to do that.
Select a rate plan

Practical info

Your bundles expire after 1 calendar month. What happens then?

You call at € 0,20/min (More calls), or € 0,40/min (More data).
Calculated per second, with a minimum of 60 seconds. In Belgium, to a Belgian number.
You'll text at € 0,10/text
Sent from Belgium and the EU, to a Belgian number.
You surf at € 0,10/MB
In Belgium, calculated per kilobyte.

Are you going abroad?

If you’re in the EU, your usage will be deducted from your regular bundle without any extra costs.

Check out our international options if you want to see the rates for calls from and to countries not in the EU.

Enjoy the Viking advantage

Free calls and SMS to family and friends? Piece of cake, since every rate plan includes the Viking advantage. That’s right, all Mobile Vikings call and text each other free of charge.

  • How do I order a SIM card?

    Do you have 5 minutes to spare? Because that's all it takes to order your Mobile Vikings SIM card! First of all, choose if you want to order a SIM card with a subscription, or a prepaid SIM card. Follow the steps on the page to finish your order. 

    What do you need to transfer your current number?

    • The number of your current SIM card,
    • If you are under an existing contract, best to keep your customer number at hand too.
  • Prepaid identification: How do I identify myself for my prepaid SIM card?

    You can identify yourself by doing your next payment with Bancontact. The law dictates this identification has to be repeated within 18 months following this first identification.

    If you set up an automatic payment method or an SMS payment method with a foreign bank account, you won’t be able to activate a prepaid SIM card. Your first payment and the control payment after 18 months always have to be done with a Belgian payment method. For the other payments, you can use any payment method you want.

    To check the status of your identification, go to your account.

  • How long will my calling credit and bundle including the free advantages be valid?


    1 calendar month, starting from your most recent top-up. For example, if you top up on 8 November at 12.35 am, your bundle will remain valid until 08 December 12.35 am.

    We define one calendar month as the period starting on a specific day of a month until the same day the next month. A calendar month can therefore be 28, 29 (in leap years), 30 or 31 days long. Another example: if you top up in March, your bundle will be valid for 31 days. If you top up in April, your bundle will be valid for 30 days.

    And my remaining calling credit?
    If you have any calling credit left, it will be transferred to the next month and added to your next top-up. Calling credit from a top-up is valid for 6 months and then expires.

    What happens after a month?
    If the month is over and you haven't topped up yet, you'll be calling, texting, and surfing out-of-bundle and the out-of-bundle rates will apply. 

  • How can I check my remaining calling credit?


    • Text "CONSULT" to 1984.
    • Go to Log in and go to "My SIM cards". You will be able to see how much calling credit, mobile data, texts and free calling minutes to other Mobile Vikings you have left.
    • Viking App: thanks to the Viking App you have a continuous and real-time overview of your remaining calling credit, usage history, contacts and so much more.
  • How to top up a prepaid SIM card?

    Your SIM card can be topped up via your account by clicking on the red button 'Top up now' (displayed at the top of each page). Use one of the following methods to top up:

    • Bancontact : you need your bank's Digipass to use this method. If you use this top-up method, your calling credit will be added to your SIM card almost instantly.
    • Payconic by Bancontact App: download the Payconic by Bancontact App, register your bank account and you are ready to top up your SIM card by means of a simple QR code. Discover how this top-up method works.
    • Mastercard or Visa : use your credit card to top-up your calling credit. The calling credit will be added to your SIM card almost instantly.
    • Text: send a text with the message "SIM TOPUP" to 1984. Before you can do so, you must set up a payment method.
    • Automatic top-up: top up your SIM card automatically when the calling credit drops below a certain amount. Before you can do so, you must set up a payment method.
    • Viking Points: top up your SIM card with Viking Points. 1 Viking Point equals € 1. Want to earn a bunch of Viking Points? Convince as many friends and relatives as possible to board the Mobile Vikings drakkar. Everyone you convinced to become a Viking will earn you 15 Viking Points.
    • Online transfer: this top-up method takes three days. Please note: make sure to use the correct structured message to ensure the top-up is added to the correct SIM card. The message you have to use, is displayed on the 'Top up now' page. Then select 'bank transfer'.
    • Paypal: this is an online payment system which you can use for payments via your Paypal account, your Mastercard/Visa or your current account. In other words, a Paypal account is not a requirement, and your top-up is processed almost instantly. Create a PayPal account via the Paypal website.

    Tip: if you think a top-up went wrong (if you suspect that the money will be taken from your account, but no calling credit will be added to your SIM card), contact the Mobile Vikings customer care before making a second payment. This will avoid that a second top-up is registered on the same day.

    Combining payment methods: Your Viking Points can be combined with another payment method to top up your SIM card. 

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