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  • The best data offer on the market
  • Choose your calling minutes and mobile data
  • No annoying contracts
  • Easily switch price plans

Choose your data

Choose your minutes

€ / Month

Viking advantage Only valid for calls started within Belgium. Fair use policy: 60 free calling minutes per day to other Mobile Vikings in Belgium.
For all calls, the first minute will be fully charged. After that, per second.

What you need to know


Every month, your payment invitations will be delivered straight to your mailbox. But in case you prefer the old school paper version, we’ll make sure you get it too.

How do I need to pay?

You pay your bills the Viking way: as profitable as possible! Still have Viking Points? Those will automatically be used first. You’ll then see the outstanding amount on your invoice/payment invitation.

If you want a Mobile Vikings subscription, you can choose to set up an automatic payment method or pay manually via our website afterwards.

Viking Points

You easily earn Viking Points which you use to settle (part of) your bill. How? By referring a new Mobile Viking and with the Viking Deals.


Have you used more than your bundle contained? Not to worry: via email and SMS we’ll keep you up to date:

  • when you’re about to go outside of your bundle.
  • when you’re making costs outside of your bundle.
  • and an extra notification for every € 10 you're spending outside of your bundle.

Viking App

Meanwhile, you keep a close eye on your usage with the Viking App and our website. So, you’ll always have your finger on the pulse. Besides, your next invoice/payment invitation will always provide you with a clear overview.

Out of bundle

Knowing your out-of-bundle rates might be convenient, right?

  • You'll call at € 0.20 / min.
    Calculated per second, with a minimum of 60 seconds. In Belgium, to a Belgian number.
  • You'll text at € 0.10 / text
    Sent from Belgium, to a Belgian number.
  • You'll surf at € 0.10 / MB
    In Belgium, calculated per kilobyte.

Viking App

The free Viking App allows you to always stay tuned to your usage: no more surprises, ever again.


When you’re abroad, calling and texting is automatically available. But data roaming has to be activated manually in your phone’s settings. In the EU1 all of your roaming usage will be deducted from your subscription bundle. Additional roaming costs will be available on your next payment invitation.

More information about roaming >

Call to a foreign country

This is calling or sending an SMS to a foreign number whilst you're in Belgium.

  SMS Voice calls
EU countries (1) € 0.20 € 0.50/min
Other countries (2) € 0.20 € 1.00/min
Calling minutes are counted from the first second of each minute started

1 see EU country list
2 The following countries and networks are not reachable: Antarctica, East Timor, Emsat, Euro Sat, Global Sat, Inmarsat, International Free Phone, International Networks, Iridium, Nauru, St Helena

Viking App

The free Viking App allows you to always stay tuned to your usage: no more surprises, ever again.

Special numbers

These costs will appear on your next payment invitation.

1xx numbers, 0800 numbers free (only works in Belgium)
premium SMS cost advertised with the premium number
070-numbers Max. 0.30 €/min.
078-numbers 0.20 €/min. + € 0.07 connection costs
1204, 1304, 1404, 1207, 1307, 1407, 1212, 1313, 1414 0.15 €/min., on top of the cost advertised with the number
090x-numbers cost advertised with the number

Viking Care

You’ll be supported by the best helpdesk in Belgium. All of your questions via telephone, email or social media: solutions instantly delivered. Accompanied by a big smile.

From a prepaid SIM card to a subscription

Swap your prepaid SIM card for a subscription? It’s easy as pie: just flip a switch in your settings. Swap the other way obviously is possible as well.

New number

Signing up for a new subscription is pretty straightforward. You don't need anything special. For a new number, we charge € 15 as administrative costs.

I want to keep my current number

Transferring your number to Mobile Vikings is a piece of cake: we take care of all administration involved.

What do you need?

  • The details of the subscription with your current operator (listed on your contract or payment invitation).
  • Don’t forget to check whether there’s an annulation fee in your current contract.

Viking Care

You’ll be supported by the best helpdesk in Belgium. All of your questions via telephone, email or social media: solutions instantly delivered. Accompanied by a big smile.

Setup wizard

So you’ve activated your SIM card, you’ve installed it in your phone… And nothing happens. Something’s not right: you can’t connect to the mobile Internet.

Correct: sometimes a device is unable to automatically configure the Mobile Vikings settings. No need to panic though. We’ve built a wizard that will guide you through the configuration of your phone effortlessly. Easy as pie.

Go to the setup wizard >

Still having issues?

Make sure to contact our helpdesk. Our Viking Care agents will gladly be of assistance.

Viking Care

You’ll be supported by the best helpdesk in Belgium. All of your questions via telephone, email or social media: solutions instantly delivered. Accompanied by a big smile.

Free mobile communication

That's the ultimate goal at Mobile Vikings. Thanks to the Viking advantage, all Mobile Vikings call and text each other free of charge. In addition, it's super easy to earn Viking Points. You use those to settle (part of) your next payment invitation.


Viking advantage All Belgian Mobile Vikings call and text each other free of charge. 1,800 calling minutes and 9,000 SMS each month, on top of your top-up.


Refer a friend After his/her first paid bill you’ll receive 15 Viking Points. You use those as a discount on your own bill(s).


Viking Deals For each purchase with one of our partners part of the purchase amount is reimbursed in Viking Points. That means a discount on your bill, time and time again.

  • Where do I find the PIN and PUK code of my SIM card?
    You can find the link to the PUK code here

    That page also has de standard PIN of your SIM card.

    If you have entered the PIN code incorrectly three times, your device will require your PUK code. You can now use the puk1 code. After entering this PUK code you choose a new PIN code.

  • How do I unsubscribe from the paying premium services offered by third parties?

    To unsubscribe from such a text service, send the message STOP to the text number in question.

    Extra info
    Premium services are usually linked to special phone numbers starting with 090 or 070. A premium text service has a shorter number consisting of 4 or 5 digits. Having trouble unsubscribing? Let us know via info@mobilevikings.com, we’ll help you from there.

    Special numbers

    - 090x (calls to all 090x services)

    - 0905 (games, contests, logos, ringtones, leisure products/services,...)

    - 09051 (TV games)

    - 0906, 0907 (adult content)

    - international special numbers

    Text services

    - 2xxx (other)

    - 3xxx (other)

    - 4xxx (public and commercial services)

    - 5xxx (ringtones, logos and games)

    - 6xxx (ringtones, logos and games)

    - 61xx (TV games)

    - 7xxx (adult content)

    - 8xxx (free services)

    - 9xxx (contract services)

  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Cancel number
    Switch providers
    Stay at Mobile Vikings
    Would you like to cancel your number all the way? Then contact our helpdesk.
    Prefer to switch to another provider? Your new provider will take care of your number transfer and cancel your subscription with Mobile Vikings. Mind you: this transfer cannot be done if you have an outstanding balance for your subscription.
    Would you like to switch to a prepaid SIM card? You'll find everything here.
  • When do I get my replacement SIM card?

    Between August and December

    More info
    In July, we start shipping SIM cards to almost all Vikings. You'll get yours between August and December. The most important thing you need to know, is that you don't have to worry at all if you haven't received your replacement SIM card yet. Everything will still work as usual.

    We won't ship all SIM cards at the same time, so that's why it could take a while and that's why we can't give you a specific date. Remember: don't worry, you'll get yours no matter what. You'll receive an email when your replacement SIM card will have been shipped.

    If you ordered a regular replacement SIM card because yours was lost or stolen, then it'll get shipped within 1-3 (max 5) business days, of course. 

  • Wat moet ik doen als ik geen verbinding kan maken met het netwerk?
    • Herstart je toestel volledig en/of haal je simkaart er even uit. Na een herstart moet je toestel telkens opnieuw verbinding maken met het netwerk.
    • Ga naar de instellingen van je toestel en selecteer manueel het netwerk van Telenet Group NV onder de noemer "Base" of "Mobile Vikings".
    • Test je simkaart even uit in een ander toestel om na te gaan of het probleem zich herhaalt. Hiermee kun je uitsluiten of het probleem gerelateerd is aan de simkaart of aan de software van je toestel.
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