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5GB da da ta
Unlimited calling
€ 20 / month I want this Or tailor your own subscription to your needs?

Lots of data or unlimited data?

Go Unlimited or tailor your subscription to your needs.

Choose your data

Choose your calling minutes

€ / month

Best price in the market

Enjoy the best data offer on the market at great rates. Do the comparison yourself.

Amazing customer service

No menus when you call. Fast service via social media and email.

Awesome 4G coverage

We’re on the Orange network, which provides 99,9% of Belgians with 4G. So, pretty much everyone.

Switching to mobile vikings is super easy
You choose your subscription
Loads of mobile data or calling minutes? Choose and order online.
Keep your phone number
Of course you can keep your phone number when you switch to Mobile Vikings. Unless you want a new number, which obviously is also possible.
We do the rest
We contact your provider to cancel your current subscription, you don’t have to do that.
I want to become a Viking

Practical info

Did you exceed your bundle?

You call at € 0,20/min.
Calculated per second, with a minimum of 60 seconds. In Belgium, to a Belgian number.
Out-of-bundle limit
By default, your out-of-bundle limit is € 10. It can be raised or lowered upon request.
You surf at € 0,10/MB
In Belgium, calculated per kilobyte.

Are you going abroad?

If you’re in the EU, your usage will be deducted from your regular bundle without any extra costs.

Check out our international options if you want to see the rates for calls from and to countries not in the EU.

Enjoy the Viking advantage

Free calls and SMS to family and friends? Piece of cake, since every rate plan includes the Viking advantage. That’s right, all Mobile Vikings call and text each other free of charge.

  • How do I switch to Mobile Vikings from a different provider?
    1. You request your SIM card with a subscription or prepaid SIM card online.
    2. You confirm your request via email and you receive your SIM card by post in 5 business days at maximum.
    3. You go to to activate your SIM card.
    4. After your SIM card has been activated, you wait until you have no reception on your current SIM card anymore. This could take up to 3 business days, but of course, you'll stay reachable in the meantime. 
    5. After that, you insert your new Mobile Vikings SIM card in your device and you check your internet settings.

    A few nice-to-knows

    Can I keep my number?

    Sure, no problem! When you order your SIM card with a subscription or prepaid SIM card you can select 'Keep my number'. 

    Who cancels my current subscription?

     We do this. You don’t have to do anything yourself. The only thing you have to do, is request your Mobile Vikings SIM card online.

    How long before I’ll be active and running on the Mobile Vikings network?

    • It takes no more than 8 business days after you’ve requested your SIM card online.
    • It takes no more than 3 business days after you’ve activated your SIM card, but of course, you'll stay reachable in the meantime. 

    What happens to my subscription at my current provider?

    Let’s say your current subscription runs from 1 March until 31 March. If you activate your new SIM card on 15 March, your current provider will only charge you for the period in which you were still active on their network. So, until 15 March in this fictional example. But be sure to ask, because this doesn’t always happen automatically.

    Be careful! Depending on the type of subscription, you might have to pay a fee for canceling your subscription prematurely. Luckily, this is only seldom the case with the current contract types..

    What happens to my prepaid SIM card at my current provider? 

    In most cases, your bundles and calling credit will expire as soon as your switch to a Mobile Vikings subscription will be complete. Of course, you’re free to ask your current provider if you can only pay for your active usage, but these types of requests are usually turned down.

    What we advise: a switch to Mobile Vikings will take no more than 8 business days. If you make sure your calling credit/bundles expire just before you activate your Mobile Vikings SIM card, you won’t lose any calling credit.

  • What are the terms & conditions of the Unlimited subscription?

    The general terms and conditions, including the special conditions as described below, apply to the Unlimited subscription.

    Special conditions

    The Unlimited subscription is a € 29 (VAT included) monthly subscription, including the following:

    • Unlimited calls in Belgium to all Belgian networks. Unlimited calls from all European Union member states (except from Belgium) to another member state (including calls to Belgium, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), with the exception of special numbers (e.g. 070 or 0900 numbers).
    • Unlimited SMS in Belgium to all Belgian networks and unlimited SMS from all European Union member states (except from Belgium) to another member state, including Belgium, with the exception of special numbers (e.g. 070 or 0900 numbers).
    • Unlimited mobile surfing in Belgium, 20 GB of which at maximum speed. After 20 GB of usage, you’ll continue to surf unlimited at lowered download speed (512 kbps).
    • Free mobile data usage up to 14 GB in the EU, after which you continue surfing at maximum speed at € 0,004/MB.

    Mobile subscriptions have no fixed term. A contract can be cancelled free of charge at any given moment.

    The special conditions of the Unlimited subscription can be downloaded here.

  • Can I add or delete my VAT number in my account?

    Yes. Upon requesting a SIM card, you have the possibility to add your VAT number in your account. Moreover, since June 30 2020, in an existing Mobile Vikings account it's possible to:

    • Add a VAT number 
    • Delete a VAT number
    • Update a VAT number

    You can easily do so via My Viking. Beware: if you link a VAT number to your account, it will be linked to all your subscriptions. In other words, it's not possible to link your VAT number to one single telephone number if you have multiple.

  • How does the quality guarantee work?

    Below you'll find the answers to your pressing questions about the quality guarantee of Mobile Vikings.

    How do I make use of the quality guarantee?

    • Anyone can request a refund of the first month within 30 calendar days after activating a new SIM card (for new numbers, or numbers transferred from another operator).
    • The refund can be requested via this contact form.
    • After your request we'll check if you meet the conditions and we'll keep you updated via email. At the latest within 3 weeks after your approved application you will receive your refund.

    Which conditions do I have to meet to request a refund for my first 30 days?

    Obviously, there are a number of conditions to meet for your possible refund. These must all be met before you are entitled to your refund. 

    • If you have a subscription, all your outstanding invoices/payment invitations must have been paid first.
    • You are entitled to 1 refund. A second request will therefore be refused. To verify this condition, Mobile Vikings may do a check on surname, first name, payment method, address, customer and phone number, of course always in accordance with the terms of the Mobile Vikings privacy policy available on the website.
    • You must submit your request within 30 calendar days after activating the number in question via this contact form.
    • You must have switched to another operator with the number in question within 30 days.

    What will be reimbursed ?

    • Your first chosen tariff plan will be refunded. 
    • If you used Viking Points for the first payment of the number in question, they will be refunded too.
    • Any out-of-bundle costs in a subscription will not be refunded.
  • What are the rates for special numbers?

    Premium numbers or special numbers are numbers you call or text for specific services; tickets for public transport like De Lijn, a helpdesk, sms-parking, ... They normally mention the rates that apply next to the number itself. Below, you'll find a general overview:

    • 1xx numbers, 0800 numbers: free (only works in Belgium)
    • premium SMS: cost advertised with the premium number
    • 070-numbers: max. 0,30 €/min.
    • 078-numbers: national rate
    • 1204, 1304, 1404, 1207, 1307, 1407, 1212, 1313, 1414: 0.15 €/min., on top of the cost advertised with the number
    • 1722, 1733: normal calling rate, no extra charges.
    • 090x-numbers: cost advertised with the number

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