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Last updated on March 6, 2019

Compare your phone subscription

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A transparent comparison

Wanna know whether you have the best price plan? Compare your subscription with the subscriptions of the 5 biggest providers!

Would you rather have an independent comparison? Go to besttariff.be* - where you’ll find the same awesome price plans

Besttariff.be is an official simulator of the Belgian government.

Change your price plan easily

It’s not easy to choose the right price plan off the bat. That’s why it’s very easy to change your price plan at Mobile Vikings. Very handy when you need more (or less) mobile data or calling minutes.

Discover our price plans >
4 GB
50 minutes
Need more data? Change your price plan easily.
2 GB
10 minutes

Pay your phone bill thanks to your online purchases

Shop online like you usually do, and thanks to the Viking Deals, a part of your purchase total will be refunded on your Viking account so you can use it to pay your bill.

More info >

Becoming a mobile viking is super easy

Switching to Mobile Vikings is simpler than ever because now we take care of everything. You don’t have to do anything yourself.


Order your SIM card online

On mobilevikings.be


Activate your SIM card

After receiving it by post.


Insert your SIM card in your device

We contact your previous operator to complete your switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does unlimited calling work?

    At Mobile Vikings, you have unlimited calls to

    • all Belgian numbers (fixed or mobile) when you yourself are in Belgium or another EU country.

    You will pay for calls

    Good to know:

    Our rates are intended for normal private use. We allow pretty intensive use, but we will be alerted if you:

    • Call more than 6 hours per day or 30 hours per week regularly;
    • Regularly start calls which go on for more than 3 consecutive hours, or if you keep calling people right after one call has ended.
  • How do I switch to Mobile Vikings from a different provider?
    1. You request your subscription or your prepaid SIM card online.
    2. You confirm your request via email and you receive your SIM card by post in 5 business days at maximum.
    3. You go to www.mobilevikings.be/activation to activate your SIM card.
    4. After your SIM card has been activated, you wait until you have no reception on your current SIM card anymore. This could take up to 3 business days, but in practice it almost never takes more than 10 minutes.
    5. After that, you insert your new Mobile Vikings SIM card in your device and you check your internet settings.

    A few nice-to-knows

    Can I keep my number?

    Sure, no problem! When you order a SIM card you can select 'Keep my number'. 

    Who cancels my current subscription?

     We do this. You don’t have to do anything yourself. The only thing you have to do, is request your Mobile Vikings SIM card online.

    How long before I’ll be active and running on the Mobile Vikings network?

    • It takes no more than 8 business days after you’ve requested your SIM card online.
    • It takes no more than 3 business days after you’ve activated your SIM card, but in practice your SIM card will be running in about 10 minutes after activation.

    What happens to my subscription at my current provider?

    Let’s say your current subscription runs from 1 March until 31 March. If you activate your new SIM card on 15 March, your current provider will only charge you for the period in which you were still active on their network. So, until 15 March in this fictional example. But be sure to ask, because this doesn’t always happen automatically.

    Be careful! Depending on the type of subscription, you might have to pay a fee for canceling your subscription prematurely. Luckily, this is only seldom the case with the current contract types..

    What happens to my prepaid SIM card at my current provider? 

    In most cases, your bundles and calling credit will expire as soon as your switch to a Mobile Vikings subscription will be complete. Of course, you’re free to ask your current provider if you can only pay for your active usage, but these types of requests are usually turned down.

    What we advise: a switch to Mobile Vikings will take no more than 8 business days. If you make sure your calling credit/bundles expire just before you activate your Mobile Vikings SIM card, you won’t lose any calling credit.

  • Do I sign a contract at Mobile Vikings?

    No, you’re not bound by a contract. You can come and go as you please, but we hope you’ll stay for a long time.


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