If you use bank transfer, don't forget to top up your SIM card before the long weekend as banks will be closed from Saturday to Monday.

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How can I earn free top-ups if my friend becomes a Mobile Viking?

What does 1 year of free calls, SMS and mobile Internet mean?

How does the Viking bundle to other Belgian Mobile Vikings work?

What do I get for a € 10 top-up?

What do I get for a € 15 top-up?

What do I get for a € 25 top-up?

What do I get for a € 50 top-up?

What will happen with the ancient price plans of € 40 and € 60?

How long will my calling credit and bundle of free advantages be valid after my top-up?

What happens with my free bundles if a month has expired?

At which rate can I call, send text messages and surf on the Internet outside the top-up bundle?

What’s a data only SIM card?

Can I use a SIM card from Mobile Vikings for my laptop?

Can I use my Mobile Vikings SIM card on my Blackberry?

What are the rates when I’m abroad?

In which countries I can data roam at € 0.15/MB?

Request SIM

How to order a SIM card?

How does a number porting proceed?

What do I have to pay attention to during a number porting?

When can I start requesting a SIM card if I'm currently tied up to a fixed contract at another provider?

What happens with the subscription of my current operator if I decide to port my number?

Which data are needed to request a SIM card with number porting?

What’s the SIM card number?

How do I request a SIM card with a new phone number?

What do I have to do when I receive the SIM card?

After 5 business days, I still haven’t received my SIM card by post. What do I have to do?

What do I need to do if I can’t send the activation SMS?

I have an iPad or iPhone, which type of SIM card do I need to use?

Can I order 2 SIM cards with the same phone number?

Top Up SIM

Can I top up for € 15 one month and for € 50 the next month?

What's Bitcoin and how can I use it for topping up my SIM card?

How can I top up my SIM card?

What can I do when I paid too much or too little for a payment with bitcoins?

How do I activate the automatic top-up service or top-up via SMS?

How can the Easy Payment method via direct debit be activated and how does it work?

I want to perform my direct debit through another bank account. How can I change this?

What will trigger an Easy Payment auto top-up?

I have received a message saying my direct debit is blocked. How come and how can I re-activate it?

Can I receive an invoice of my top-ups?


Will I have a higher data usage when surfing on the 4G network?

At what rate a call or SMS to a non Belgian number will be charged?

Why does my SMS change into an MMS without adding a file?

I was charged € 0.20 for an SMS starting with 004477. How come?

I made a phone call from within Belgium to another Belgian Mobile Viking but got charged for it. How come?

How can I check my usage of data, SMS and calling minutes?

How can I check my credit balance?

Network connection

I cannot make any connection to the network. What can I do best now?

What should I do best if I can’t make any connection with the mobile Internet?

Does Mobile Vikings Belgium cover the 4G network?

Does Mobile Vikings Belgium cover the 3G network?

I’m abroad, which local network should I select?

Which 4G frequence is supported by Base/Mobile Vikings?

Which European operators don't offer the possibility to use mobile Internet abroad?

What’s the difference between ‘international’ and ‘roaming’?


How do I configure my cell phone?

How do I activate 4G on my smartphone or tablet?

How do I change my PIN code?

How can I configure and check my voicemail?

How do I activate the Internet on a Blackberry with OS 6 or OS 7?

How do I activate the Internet on a Blackberry with OS 10?

I have a USB modem and I want to set up the Internet. How do I do this?

What’s tethering/personal hotspot and how does it work?

Can I receive my emails on my mobile phone?

How long may an SMS be?

What is the number of the SMS central?

Sometimes, I hear 3 beeps when someone calls me. What does this mean?

Other questions

How can I create for each SIM card in my account their own new account?

My device asked me to enter the PUK code. What should I do now?

I have a standard SIM card of Mobile Vikings but now I need a micro or nano SIM card. How can I order such a SIM card?

Does my device support a 4G connection?

Which notifications by SMS or email can I set up for my SIM card?

What are Viking Points and how can I use them?

How can I check if my friend is also a Mobile Viking?

Can I call Dutch Mobile Vikings for free?

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What’s VikingCard?

SIM lost or stolen

What do I need to do if my SIM card is stolen or lost?


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