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Which subscription is best for your kids?

Looking for the best price plan for your son or daughter’s first smartphone? Discover your options below.

The day will come when your kids will ask you to buy them a smartphone. But which price plan is best? A subscription or a prepaid SIM card? And what’s your budget? We’ll guide you through the options.

Option 1: A prepaid SIM card

A prepaid SIM card is a popular choice as a first price plan for a young smartphone user. You put a certain amount of money on the SIM card, and once you’ve used up the money you won’t be able to surf, call, or text anymore. That way, you avoid unforeseen costs.

When you choose a € 10 top up, you get € 10 worth of calling credit and a bundle with mobile data and calling minutes. When your mobile data or your calling minutes are expired or exhausted, you can’t incur any extra costs. You’d have to top up again.

To recap

  • You decide the budget
  • You switch price plans easily at each top-up
  • No out-of-bundle costs, ever
  • Use calling credit to pay for bus tickets
  • Top-ups start at € 10

Option 2: A prepaid SIM card with mobile data only

Do the kids complain about not having enough mobile data? Then an only-data SIM card is a possible option. With this prepaid SIM card you only get a bundle with mobile data.

Because why would you still want to pay for calling minutes or text messages you don’t use in 2020? On top of that, you might as well call and send messages through apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. The only thing that you won’t be able to do, is calling the old-fashioned way. Of course you’ll still be able to receive calls.

To recap

  • Tons of mobile data at an excellent price
  • You decide the budget
  • No out-of-bundle costs ever
  • You can’t make a traditional phone call, but you can still receive them
  • Calling or video chatting via an app is perfectly possible

Option 3: A subscription

A subscription offers the most bang for your buck, because you get more mobile data and calling minutes for the same budget than with a prepaid SIM card.

If you choose a subscription, your active bundle is valid for a month, and you get the same bundle again next month.

If you choose a € 10 per month subscription, you get an active bundle with 1 GB of mobile data and 50 calling minutes. After that month, your bundle will be renewed and you get a new bundle with 1 GB and 50 calling minutes.

You won’t need to carry out the top-ups yourself anymore. You get your bundles every month, and at the end of every month you get an invoice.

With a subscription, you can incur out-of-bundle costs.

If you choose a € 10 subscription, you get an active bundle with 1 GB of mobile data and 50 calling minutes. If you use more than 1 GB and/or 50 calling minutes, you go over your bundle and will be charged extra. You’ll see those extra costs on your invoice.

to recap

  • There’s a subscription for just € 10 per month
  • You get your bundles automatically
  • You get the most bang for your buck
  • Watch out for out-of-bundle costs


For your son or daughter’s first SIM card, we recommend a prepaid SIM card with € 10 top-ups. That should include enough mobile data and calling minutes for someone who has just received their first smartphone, and you start off with a cheap price plan which makes it easy for you as a parent to monitor the usage.

What’s more, all Vikings enjoy the Viking advantage. That means they call and text each other for free.

Does your kid already have a SIM card, but do they need more mobile data? Then we recommend our only-data prepaid SIM card. This offers you 8 GB of mobile data for € 15. Enough mobile data to play games, watch clips, and call or message people using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.