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Prepaid SIM cards

  • Choose from 8 bundles
  • More data, or more calling minutes
  • Top up whenever you want
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You call and text all Mobile Vikings for free
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What are you waiting for?

  • How do I order a SIM card?

    Do you have 5 minutes to spare? Because that's all it takes to order your Mobile Vikings SIM card! First of all, choose if you want to order a SIM card with a subscription, or a prepaid SIM card. Follow the steps on the page to finish your order. 

    What do you need to transfer your current number?

    • The number of your current SIM card,
    • If you are under an existing contract, best to keep your customer number at hand too.
  • How do I switch to Mobile Vikings from a different provider?
    1. You request your SIM card with a subscription or prepaid SIM card online.
    2. You confirm your request via email and you receive your SIM card by post in 5 business days at maximum.
    3. You go to to activate your SIM card.
    4. After your SIM card has been activated, you wait until you have no reception on your current SIM card anymore. This could take up to 3 business days, but of course, you'll stay reachable in the meantime. 
    5. After that, you insert your new Mobile Vikings SIM card in your device and you check your internet settings.

    A few nice-to-knows

    Can I keep my number?

    Sure, no problem! When you order your SIM card with a subscription or prepaid SIM card you can select 'Keep my number'. 

    Who cancels my current subscription?

     We do this. You don’t have to do anything yourself. The only thing you have to do, is request your Mobile Vikings SIM card online.

    How long before I’ll be active and running on the Mobile Vikings network?

    • It takes no more than 8 business days after you’ve requested your SIM card online.
    • It takes no more than 3 business days after you’ve activated your SIM card, but of course, you'll stay reachable in the meantime. 

    What happens to my subscription at my current provider?

    Let’s say your current subscription runs from 1 March until 31 March. If you activate your new SIM card on 15 March, your current provider will only charge you for the period in which you were still active on their network. So, until 15 March in this fictional example. But be sure to ask, because this doesn’t always happen automatically.

    Be careful! Depending on the type of subscription, you might have to pay a fee for canceling your subscription prematurely. Luckily, this is only seldom the case with the current contract types..

    What happens to my prepaid SIM card at my current provider? 

    In most cases, your bundles and calling credit will expire as soon as your switch to a Mobile Vikings subscription will be complete. Of course, you’re free to ask your current provider if you can only pay for your active usage, but these types of requests are usually turned down.

    What we advise: a switch to Mobile Vikings will take no more than 8 business days. If you make sure your calling credit/bundles expire just before you activate your Mobile Vikings SIM card, you won’t lose any calling credit.

  • I don't have any mobile internet. What do I do?

    Trouble with your mobile internet, 4G, or surfing abroad? Follow the steps below to solve your issue.

    Still no mobile internet after going through all steps? Call our helpdesk for free using the number 1976 or send us a message

    Active bundle

    Do you still have enough mobile data in your bundle?

    Internet settings

    It’s very important that you configure these settings correctly. In most cases, correcting these solves the problem. Go to our settings guides and look for your device.

    Can’t find your device in the list? Then choose a similar device, the settings themselves are the same. If you have an Android device, pretty much any Android phone guide will do. But just to be sure, you’ll find the settings below:

    • Name = Mobile Vikings
    • APN =
    • Username = web
    • Password = web
    • Proxy = [leave blank]
    • Port = [leave blank]
    • APN-type = default,supl
    • Authentication / verification type = PAP

    Save your settings, toggle your flight mode on and off, and test your connection. If it didn’t work, reboot your device. That should do the trick. 

    If you have an iPhone, please make sure VoLTE is disabled by going to s
    ettings -> Mobile network -> Mobile data options -> Calls and data -> 4G, VoLTE off

    Abroad / Roaming

    • Check whether you have roaming enabled
    • Check your internet settings:
      - MNC: 01
      Leave the rest blank.
    • Choose another available operator and reboot your device
    • Switch between 3G/4G/LTE

    Try this out in your device’s settings:

    • Apple: Settings > Mobile data > select "Enable 4G".
    • Samsung (Android): Settings > More settings > Mobile networks > Network mode > select 4G, LTE or an automatic network selection.
    • Sony (Android): Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile networks > Network mode > select 4G, LTE or an automatic network selection.
    • Nokia (Windows Phone 8): Settings > Mobile networks > Highest connection speed > LTE.

    More info about roaming

    Wanna know whether your SIM card is broken?

    • Try out your SIM card in another device? If it doesn't work there either, your SIM itself probably is the culprit. Our helpdesk can help you out to fix the problem or replace your SIM card. 
  • How can I get in contact with Mobile Vikings?

    Want to know how to get in contact with Mobile Vikings?

    1. Go to our Help & Support and use the search function.
    2. Give us a call during workdays from 8h30 until 17h on 0456 19 19 76, or 1976 free of charge if you're a Viking.
    3. Chat to us live on the website during office hours.
    4. Ask us directly via Facebook (Messenger) or Twitter.
    5. Send us a message via WhatsApp. Please note: you can't call this number.
    6. Mail your question to or fill out our form.

    Mobile Vikings is situated in Hasselt. Our info:

    Mobile Vikings
    Kempische Steenweg 309/1
    3500 Hasselt

    Phone: +32 78 353 033

    Attention: Because of the Coronacrisis, our colleagues are working from home. You can't visit us in our offices at the moment!


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