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5G, what’s that?

March 13, 2024

5G is the successor of 4G - faster, smarter, and more powerful than ever before. It's all about speed, stability, and almost ✨magical✨ response time. With 5G, you surf throughout the internet super fast, without any of that annoying buffering.

Super-fast downloading ⚡
No more painfully slow downloads, because with 5G, you can get movies, series, and game updates at lightning speed. Glitchy video meetings are a thing of the past, because with 5G, you chat with friends and colleagues as if they were standing next to you, without any delay.

No more delays 💪
Thanks to the stability and response time of 5G, more data usage is possible without any loss of quality. No more annoying hiccups, allowing smooth cloud gaming and exploring the virtual world without obstacles. 🌐

And that's not all: 5G is also an expert at multitasking. Millions of devices can connect to the network simultaneously. Perfect for parties and festivals (digital or in real life). 🥳

Greener technology ✅
Did you already know that 5G is also more environmentally friendly (compared to its predecessors)? 🌿 It consumes much less energy than 4G: up to 90% less per bit sent! Studies by Nokia and the Deutsche Umwelt Bundesamt, for example, have shown this to be the case as 5G networks became increasingly active. Allowing your device to last longer and also being better for the environment.

Experience the power of 5G with Mobile Vikings 📱
With a Mobile Vikings subscription starting from € 15, you enjoy the super-fast 5G network. You get a scandalous amount of data at the sharpest prices and benefit from numerous advantages. Discover our 5G subscriptions here.

So, what do you need for 5G?

  • A mobile subscription of at least € 15. But, you already have that, so check!
  • A device that supports 5G. You can check if your device is 5G-capable here.
  • You are in a 5G region. If 5G is not available, you will automatically switch to the best available network.