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Streaming, what’s that?!

April 24, 2024

Bye bye TV cable, hello streaming! These days, you don't have to be stuck with a TV subscription to watch your favourite programmes. A Smart TV or a chromecast together with the nicest streaming apps is all you need to watch your favourite programmes live or just online. 📺 💻

Enjoy immediately, without fuss 😌
Once everything is installed, you instantly stream online content without sacrificing any memory on your device. You can then enjoy your favourite series, films, podcasts or music whenever and wherever you want, without having to download anything at all. But that's not all - you can even watch sports matches or concerts live. And all this on any device: mobile phone, tablet, TV... even in your Tesla.

Streaming, a word you often hear in conjunction with platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ for movies and series, or Spotify, Deezer and YouTube for music and podcasts. It brings to life a digital wonderland full of endless entertainment options. 🌈

Traditional TV watching 🆚 streaming
So, all over the world, video streaming platforms are sprouting like mushrooms, but here in Belgium, only a few are stealing the show: Netflix, Disney+ and in Flanders also Streamz. As if that wasn't enough, television channels have also dived into the streaming arena with platforms such as VRT Max, VTM GO, GO Play and, in Wallonia, RTLplay, RTBF Auvio and TF1+. There are subscriptions that allow unlimited binge-watching and even free access with occasional commercials in between.

Whether you still cling to your classic TV subscription or take the plunge to (full) streaming depends on your watching preferences. But honestly, with streaming you just get more value for your money. Even for sports fans and news junkies, there are alternatives, such as the live broadcasts of traditional TV channels or sports streaming subscriptions. Throw that TV decoder out the window and enjoy the freedom of streaming, without having to sacrifice your TV pleasures.

Fibre-optic connection for a magical experience
To take your streaming experience to the next level, a fast and stable connection is a must. With Fiber, you will achieve the fastest speeds and enjoy your content without any lag, even when multiple people are connected at the same time. Say goodbye to hiccups and hello to a seamless streaming experience thanks to Mobile Vikings' Fiber internet. Time to grab that XL bag of chips or popcorn, settle into your comfy sofa in front of that mega flat screen and immerse yourself in the ultimate streaming adventure! 💫