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Fiber, what’s that?!

April 23, 2024

Fiber, or optic fibre, is the top technology that takes our internet life to a new level.

So what is it exactly? 🤔
Fiber is the rock star among the internet technologies. This technology pops data at light speed through optic fibre, with no loss of quality and unparalleled stability. Concretely? No more hiccups while gaming, and you can stream on multiple devices simultaneously without any problems.

Nothing but benefits
Not only is Fiber much faster, it has so much more up its sleeve:
✔️ The fastest speed to download a 5GB film? 8 seconds. The top speed to upload a 16GB game? Starting from 25 seconds. You don't even blink that fast. 😏 Would you like more info on Fiber speeds? You can find it here .
✔️ It's more user-friendly: stability is the key. With Fiber, it becomes a piece of cake to use your internet simultaneously with different devices. That means hassle-free gaming, streaming and working from home.
✔️It's more environmentally friendly:Fiber is green and amazing. It uses less energy than traditional copper and coaxial cables. Good for you and for the planet. 🌍
✔️It’s innovative: Fiber is the technology of the future, it's the ultimate superhero of bandwidth.

The network of the future
Coaxial cables or VDSL cables have a number of disadvantages that Fiber does not have:

  • Resistance? What's that? Copper cables suffer heavily from it, in any case. The longer the cable, the lower the speed due to physical resistance. Fiber is light through glass so it doesn't have that problem, it always stays at top speed! ⚡
  • Resistant to external influences: erratic weather conditions or other external influences cannot spoil your internet enjoyment with Fiber. Unlike copper cables, Fiber endures it all with ease.
  • Peak hours? No problem: while copper cables throw in the towel during peak hours, Fiber remains your rock. Even if the whole neighbourhood is streaming and gaming at the same time.
  • Ready for the future: opper cables are like a cassette tape in a digital world, they wear out quickly. Fiber, on the other hand, is state-of-the-art, flexible and ready for whatever the future brings us!

  • Fiber is the future, and here to save us from slow connections or long loading times. At lightspeed, it lifts every internet user's experience to unparalleled levels! ✨

    The availability of Fiber in Belgium 🌐
    Fiber rollout in Belgium has generally been a bit slower compared to some other European countries. Several telecom companies, such as Proximus for example, are investing to roll out optic fibre networks in different cities and municipalities. The speed of the rollout can vary from region to region, depending on factors such as infrastructure, cost and local demand.

    So it is not yet available everywhere, but the rollout is also happening at top speed. In early 2024, there were more than 2 million connectable homes in Belgium thanks to Proximus and several collaborations. And more are being added every day! Wondering if you too can have Fiber? Then check it out here .