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An eSim, what’s that?!

March 28, 2024

Ever heard of a 100% invisible and digital SIM card? By all means, meet the eSIM! This cool piece of tech gets rid of the hassle of old-fashioned SIM cards and opens the door to a new world of convenience.

🔍 What is an eSIM?
An eSIM or embedded SIM is actually a sort of digital SIM card that replaces the old-fashioned plastic SIM card. With the eSIM, your phone becomes one with the SIM card, so to speak. The great thing is that with an eSIM, you can surf, call and text within minutes of ordering it. Now that's quite convenient. 😉

However, keep in mind that not all phones support an eSIM. Luckily, there are Dual SIM phones that can support both an eSIM and a physical SIM card. In other words, killing two birds with one stone! This way, you can also use two numbers and therefore two subscriptions. It gives you the freedom to choose which number you want to call with and which number you want to surf with.

So, what makes an eSIM different from a regular SIM card? 🤔
The major difference between an eSIM and a traditional SIM card is basically in their form and use. A traditional SIM card is a removable card that you insert into your device, while an eSIM is already built into your phone or tablet. Switching providers is also different. With a traditional SIM card, you have to manually change the physical card, but with an eSIM, this is done electronically. You simply create a new profile on the eSIM and switch providers, without any fuss.

Discover the limitless eSIM possibilities at Mobile Vikings - it's easy to arrange too! The eSIM offers all the features of a traditional SIM card, but without the inconvenient hassle of those tiny, plastic chips. No more fumbling to get them into your phone, woohoo! 📱