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Mobile Vikings gaming

The ultimate
gaming experience

No slow ping for a Viking.

This was the 666 LAN party

We sponsored the CS2 finale and many other fun activities at the 666 gamers’ oldskool LAN party. Want to know what other shenanigans we pulled? Check out the stream here!

Play the custom Mobile Vikings map in CS2

In a 1v1 or as a wingman, show your skills on our custom-built CS2 map. It is full of easter eggs, so a real Viking gaming experience is guaranteed!

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The best connection
for the ultimate gaming experience

Gaming on a fiber line? Well yes, make sure to brace yourself for lightning-fast pings and bid farewell to lag. Because Mobile Vikings fiber is good for 1 Gbps in download and even 500 Mbps in upload. Your ultimate cheat code, then.

Let your gaming gear pay your telco bill

Find everything you need to game like a true Viking at one of our 29 Viking Deals partners, and earn tons of Viking Points. That's tons of discounts and therefore an immaculate headshot to your bill.