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Going abroad?

Here’s what you need to know

When you go abroad, you’ll be able to use your national bundle within the EU, for calling, SMS and mobile surfing. No more extra roaming costs, and your usage will be deducted from your national bundle. Outside the EU, special rates will apply.
Choose your type of SIM card below to get all the details.
Be careful: if you're on a boat or in a plane, you'll connect to a satellite.
Check our FAQ for more info about that.

  • How does unlimited calling work?

    At Mobile Vikings, you have unlimited calls to

    • all Belgian numbers (fixed or mobile) when you yourself are in Belgium or another EU country.

    You will pay for calls

    Good to know:

    Our rates are intended for normal private use. We allow pretty intensive use, but we will be alerted if you:

    • Call more than 6 hours per day or 30 hours per week regularly;
    • Regularly start calls which go on for more than 3 consecutive hours, or if you keep calling people right after one call has ended.
  • How do I disable roaming?

    You uncheck the “data roaming” option on your device. This ensures that your device does not use up mobile data when you are in another country. Do you also want to temporarily block calls and text messages? If so, please contact our helpdesk.

  • I can no longer surf, text or call after my transfer. What can I do?

    Make sure your phone is set to automatic network selection, not manual. This should do the trick. If this doesn't work after all, try rebooting your device or take out your SIM card for a few minutes.

  • Can I return to the BASE network?

    That is not possible.

  • What can I use the Viking App for?

    - Consult your usage and active bundles of your SIM card(s)

    - Top up your SIM card(s)

    - Check your Viking Points

    - See who you are in contact with most

    - Call and text Vikings and non-Vikings

    - Contact our helpdesk

    - Share your Viking Points

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