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Going abroad?

Here’s what you need to know

When you go abroad, you'll be able to use your national bundle within the EU, for calling, SMS and mobile surfing. No more extra roaming costs, and your usage will be deducted from your national bundle.
Choose your type of SIM card below to get all the details. Please note the Viking advantage is only valid in Belgium.
Be careful: if you're on a boat or in a plane, you'll connect to a satellite.
Check our FAQ for more info about that.

  • How do I activate the replacement SIM card for the new platform?

    As of August 2018, we’ll be sending certain Vikings a replacement SIM card (not everyone needs one). As to exactly why, you can read more about that here. So, if you’ve received one without requesting it yourself, you need to activate it asap. It only takes three steps:

    1. With your old SIM card, text SWAP XXXX to 1984. These XXXX are the last 4 digits of your replacement SIM card’s number. You’ll find it on the back of your replacement SIM card: it’s 19 digits long, but you only need the last 4.
    2. If your digits are correct, we’ll send you an SMS to confirm. From that moment on, always keep your replacement SIM card with you. As soon as the network of your “old” SIM card drops (this will take 30 minutes max), switch off your device and insert the new SIM card. The default PIN code for your new SIM card is 1111, and you can easily change it through your device settings.
    3. Now it’s only a matter of setting up your mobile internet correctly. To do so, head over to mobilevikings.be/setup.
  • When do I get my replacement SIM card?

    Between August and December

    More info
    In July, we start shipping SIM cards to almost all Vikings. You'll get yours between August and December. The most important thing you need to know, is that you don't have to worry at all if you haven't received your replacement SIM card yet. Everything will still work as usual.

    We won't ship all SIM cards at the same time, so that's why it could take a while and that's why we can't give you a specific date. Remember: don't worry, you'll get yours no matter what. You'll receive an email when your replacement SIM card will have been shipped.

    If you ordered a regular replacement SIM card because yours was lost or stolen, then it'll get shipped within 1-3 (max 5) business days, of course. 

  • What will happen upon activation on the new platform?

    Remember our planning? Well, time has come for step 3: as of 27/8 we’ll start activating SIM cards on our new platform. This will happen OTA, over-the-air, to make sure you won’t notice a thing. As soon as the activation’s over, we’ll send you a text to let you know everything is ok.

    Other than that, there are 2 things you should pay attention to in this activation. First of all: your voicemail will change. More specifically:

    • All your saved old voicemail messages will be removed. If there’s a message you’d like to keep, we strongly recommend you record it asap. This can easily be done with a free recorder app (Call Recorder - ACR for Android, or TapeACall Lite: Call Recorder for iOS, for instance). Simply activate the app, call your voicemail, listen to the messages you want to keep, and that’s that. You should obviously do so as soon as possible.
    • After the activation you should also reset your voicemail. Read all about that here. 


    And then, more importantly, it’s possible you have to reset your mobile internet settings after activation. After you’ve received our text, this is what you do: 

    • Head over to this page over wi-fi, and select your device. Then go to Internet/Manual configuration and follow the steps to add a new Access Point.
    • Do you have an iPhone and do you also use the Viking App? In the app, go to More > Settings > Load APN Settings. Then, magically, the correct settings will be set in your device.
    • Until you’ve reset your mobile internet, your hotspot will not work either. Obviously.


    Possibly, you can't receive calls or SMS after activation. This is due to the so-called routing. Other operators legally have 24 hours to activate texts and calls to your number. If you still can’t be reached 24 hours after receiving our text, please do let us know.

    Are you abroad?

    Are you abroad at the time of activation? No need to worry, we’ll wait with the activation until you’ve returned to Belgium. You don’t have to undertake anything for this.

    And just for matters of clarity: this is not about the switch to the Orange network. That one’s been planned for spring 2019.

    Should you still have issues after activation (i.e. after you’ve received the text), then check this page.

  • How can I configure and check my voicemail?

    To configure and listen to your voice mail, you call 1996 or 1933. You will first be given the option to configure a password, then to give your name and then to record a full message. This setting also gives you the option to receive a text message each time a spoken message is left on your voicemail.

    You can also decide after how many seconds your voicemail is activated (by default, this should be after 20 sec.). The options are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 seconds. A few examples:

    • To activate your voicemail after 30 seconds of ringing, enter (*)*61*+32486191996**30# and press 'call'; If that number doesn't work, try (*)*61*0456191933*30#.
    • To activate your voicemail after 25 seconds of ringing, enter (*)*61*+32486191996**25# and press 'call'; etc. If that number doesn't work, try (*)*61*0456191933*30#

    Redirect to your voicemail either via the settings of your phone or by entering the following codes (please note: replace the number '32486191996' in the code of the examples below by the phone number to which you want to redirect):

    • (*)*61*+32486191996# and press call - voicemail active when you don't answer the call;
    • (*)*62*+32486191996# and press call - voicemail active when there is no network or if your device is switched off;
    • (*)*67*+32486191996# and press call - voicemail active when the line is busy;

    (*) means that you have to enter two asterisks for some devices

    When abroad, you might want to turn your voice mail off. If some people end up on your voice mail, your device makes an outgoing call to the voice mail servers in Belgium, which could end up being a considerable cost.

    Your voicemail can be switched off by entering the code ((#)#002# and then pressing the call button. Even if your mobile phone is switched off, your contacts will not be redirected to your voicemail in this case. To switch your voicemail back on, enter the code (*)*61* followed by the number of the voicemail exchange (+32486191996), two asterisks, the number of seconds after which your voicemail must be activated (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 of 30 sec.) and a hash. An example: (*)*61*+32486191996**30#

    When abroad, call 0032486191996 or 0032456191996. This call is free of charge in the EU. Outside of the EU, it will be charged at the rate of a normal call in that country.

  • I can’t roam on the network I’m connected to. What should I do?

    In that case you can try to manually activate a different network. In principle you can only choose from a selection of usable networks.

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