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Going abroad?

Here’s what you need to know

When you go abroad, you’ll be able to use your national bundle within the EU, for calling, SMS and mobile surfing. No more extra roaming costs, and your usage will be deducted from your national bundle. Outside the EU, special rates will apply. Please note that the rules are different for our Unlimited subscription.
Choose your type of SIM card below to get all the details.
Be careful: if you're on a boat or in a plane, you'll connect to a satellite.
Check our FAQ for more info about that.

  • Where do I find the PIN and PUK code of my SIM card?
    In 'My Viking'. The default PIN code of your SIM card is 1111.

    If you have entered the PIN code incorrectly three times, your device will require your PUK code. You can now use the puk1 code. After entering this PUK code you choose a new PIN code.

  • International flights/waters are non-EU rates

    When you're traveling, either by boat in international waters or in an airplane, you can assume your device will no longer connect to a ground antenna. Instead, it will connect to a satellite, which will significantly increase cost. So note: it's fair to assume your device will connect to a satellite as soon as your feet leave the ground.

    Want to have an idea about those costs? Then head over to the calculator on our roaming page and select "From Satellite connection" and the country you would be calling.

    Outside of the EU you won't be able to surf to avoid unexpectedly high costs. It's not possible to enable this again. In order to be able to surf mobile, we recommend you use wi-fi as much as possible or use a local SIM card. You’ll usually find those at airports.

  • How do I unsubscribe from the paying premium services offered by third parties?

    To unsubscribe from such a text service, send the message STOP to the text number in question.

    Premium services are usually linked to special phone numbers starting with 090 or 070. A premium text service has a shorter number consisting of 4 or 5 digits. Having trouble unsubscribing? Let us know via, we’ll help you from there.

    Special numbers

    - 090x (calls to all 090x services)

    - 0905 (games, contests, logos, ringtones, leisure products/services,...)

    - 09051 (TV games)

    - 0906, 0907 (adult content)

    - international special numbers

    Text services

    - 2xxx (other)

    - 3xxx (other)

    - 4xxx (public and commercial services)

    - 5xxx (ringtones, logos and games)

    - 6xxx (ringtones, logos and games)

    - 61xx (TV games)

    - 7xxx (adult content)

    - 8xxx (free services)

    - 9xxx (contract services)

  • Can I also surf or call unlimited abroad?

    You can. Up to 14 GB there are no additional costs for the EU.

    Your usage within Belgium isn't included in this 14 GB: only what you use outside of Belgium is. If you use more, every MB used in the EU will be charged at € 0,004/MB. If you use over 20 GB during your bundle period, both within Belgium and abroad, you'll be able to continue surfing at a reduced speed of 512 kbps.

    Outside the EU, the
    normal roaming rates apply, and you can’t use your Unlimited data bundle.

  • Can I switch from a prepaid SIM card to a subscription?

    Yes. You can do it via My Viking

    Are you switching immediately? In that case, your bundle will remain valid until their expiry date. You do lose your calling credit when you switch. You can also opt to switch when your calling credit reaches € 2.50 or less. In that case, make sure to also switch off your automatic top-up if you have one, also via My Viking. If your bundles are still valid when you switch over, they will remain valid until their expiry date. 

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