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Going abroad?

Here’s what you need to know

When you go abroad, you’ll be able to use your national bundle within the EU, for calling, SMS and mobile surfing. No more extra roaming costs, and your usage will be deducted from your national bundle. Outside the EU, special rates will apply.
Choose your type of SIM card below to get all the details.
Be careful: if you're on a boat or in a plane, you'll connect to a satellite.
Check our FAQ for more info about that.

  • Is er een minimum aan transacties voor ik Vikingpunten krijg?

    Nope, no minimums. Every transaction will get you 0,5 Viking Points. This goes up to 5 Viking Points per month. Or up to 10 transactions per month.

  • My out-of-bundle usage in my account is incorrect. What does that mean?

    It is indeed possible that the out-of-bundle usage we show (per SIM card) on our website and in the Viking App, is not 100% accurate. Sometimes the usage on your invoice will be lower than the usage in the Viking App.

    Are you seeing any out-of-bundle costs in the Viking App you’ve already paid? They’ll be reset at the end of the month, and won’t be charged twice. There is a technical issue right now that’s causing this.

    The notifications about your out-of-bundle usage you receive by SMS, are sent with a max delay of 30 minutes. To get an accurate understanding, you therefore best use the SMS messages.


  • I’ve made use of a Viking Deal, but can’t use my Viking Points yet. What should I do?

    Your Viking Points are put on hold until our partner completes your purchase or registration and only after the period in which you can still return the article has expired. When you book a trip or a hotel, you’ll only receive your Vikings Points a couple of weeks after your stay.

    The minimum waiting time for the purchase of a product is 60 days.
    The minimum waiting time for a booking/registration is 90 days.

  • What can I do when my data roaming doesn't work?
    Check whether the settings of mobile Internet are still correct. You can double check on this page.

    If you cannot connect to the local mobile Internet immediately, go over this checklist before you do anything else.

    • Restart your device several times as soon as you arrive abroad.
    • Try to establish the connection with the different local networks manually through your device settings. One network may provide a more stable connection than another.
    • Check whether the option 'data roaming' is enabled in your device settings. This will usually be available in the 'Mobile networks' menu.
  • Where do I find the PIN and PUK code of my SIM card?
    You can find the link to the PUK code here

    That page also has de standard PIN of your SIM card.

    If you have entered the PIN code incorrectly three times, your device will require your PUK code. You can now use the puk1 code. After entering this PUK code you choose a new PIN code.

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