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Vikings driving safely


BOB? Key rings you gladly earn. Responsible Young Drivers? Hats off to you. However, true Vikings too can keep our roads safe. Especially the Road Vikings: a community of young drivers who’s only goal is to promote safe driving with rewards and engagement. All of this backed up by the Flemish Ministry of Mobility and the BIVV (Belgian Road Safety Institute).


Traffic accidents are the single greatest killer of 18-25 year olds in the EU. In every crash and fatality statistic, 18-25 year old drivers are greatly overrepresented. Young drivers’ high crash rates primarily result from lack of experience, impairment, and lifestyles associated with their age.


Youngsters are continually told what not to do, and negative feedback does not make the situation better. That is exactly why we approach the problem from the other, positive side. Road Vikings employs gamification techniques and rewards drivers to turn their mobile phones, the most distracting item on the road, into a lifesaver. Road Vikings engages and informs drivers, changing the world, one driver at a time.

In real life

Road Vikings is combined with a smartphone app (only Android for now) that monitors driving behavior and analyses it so drivers know how they are doing. The Road Vikings app is like a private personal driving coach that gives constructive feedback on the driver’s achievements and the areas that need improvement. Road Vikings’ gamification approach engages and motivates drivers for a positive change that is rewarded with car-related, lifestyle and entertainment rewards (e.g. Viking Points, cinema tickets, sport event tickets, discounts on petrol, carwash or car insurance) offered by Road Vikings sponsors and partners. The better you drive, the more and better rewards you receive.

Extra advantage

Get started right away to earn extra Viking Points. If you drive 150 kilometres with the app, you’ll receive 2 Viking Points. There are 1000 Viking Points to be earned in total, so be quick!*

Curious to know more? Download the app to join Road Vikings and start changing the world, one driver at a time!


*: Max 2VP per Viking Pioneer, valid until 05/01/2016


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