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The best energy supplier for you? June will find it!



Want to save energy at home? One way of course is to play Pokémon GO and remain outdoors for most of the time. The other way however, is to use June, the new digital energy assistant. June was initially called Lucie, and was put to the test one month ago by your Pioneers. And it turned out to be a huge success!

How does it work?

June is totally automatic. It records your personal consumption profile via a smart meter reader (provided free with the service). Based on your profile, it constantly compares the best available deals and switches your supplier automatically. Thus you never miss a super deal.


It has not been possible to test Lucie’s hardware as yet, but we have closely studied the concept, and have made a number of findings:

  • 67% of Mobile Vikings want more transparency in the energy market
  • On an average, families can save €251 per year by changing their energy supplier
  • More than 70% of persons state that they do not have the time to keep track of energy prices themselves
  • Almost 80% of the Mobile Vikings believes that it is possible to save money on energy
  • 83.5% of Mobile Vikings states that they would like to subscribe to this service

How you can become one of the 1,000 beta testers:

Just register. Install. Save. It’s as simple as that!

After you enter your personal preferences and pay the first annual subscription (€60), smart meter readers will be provided to you. You install it in your home and immediately you can start monitoring your consumption information via an app. The service will be available starting from January 2017.


The Viking Lab offers you 1 month free service if you pay for an annual subscription! Now isn’t that ‘electricity’ to your ears! Use the code ‘EARLY_VIKING’, which will be valid up to 31/08/2016.


Register for June

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