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Tested it ourselves – June Energy

About a year ago, we asked you to test June Energy. This start-up, based in Antwerp, developed a unique technology that continuously monitors your energy usage. Afterwards they analyse your profile and they transfer you to the most profitable supplier without any hassle.

We tested it ourselves

We supply experiments to our testers… But of course we want to do the experiments ourselves as well. We didn’t simply check their website and give them feedback, we also ordered a package with meter readers from them. June was just a concept when we did the experiment, but now we already have a lot of data on our usage: we can see on which days our usage is the highest, how high that usage actually is, and compare it to usage from the past. Today we are waiting for our first proposal to change supplier. We expect it at the end of this month. By the way, this proposal of change will occur every time there is a better offer on the market, so you could get it multiple times per year.

Save 250 euros on average

The interesting thing is the savings guarantee during the first year. “If the paid subscription fee is higher than what you saved on your energy bill, June Energy will refund the difference”, Vincent from June Energy says. “But if you take into account that, on average, switching between suppliers results in saving of € 250 on a yearly basis, then we are sure that the main part of our clients will earn back their money easily.

And you know what? We’ll make it even more interesting. June Energy provided us with a Viking Deal. If you subscribe to June now, we will offer you 15 Viking Points on top.

There are already more than 1 400 households that use June Energy, but June doesn’t want to stop there. They want to reach the milestone of 5 000 users by the end of 2017. So if you opt in now, you will make a profit of at least 15 Viking Points by the end of the year. If that isn’t a reason to be part of these 5 000 users, we don’t know anymore. We most definitely like June.

Viking Saskia

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