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Secure your inbox with myDiego


Email is a little bit like sex – we all do it, but not everyone has to know how, how often and with whom. The keyword? Privacy! At home, it’s easy to quickly check whether you’ve closed the shutters, but on the Internet, guaranteeing one’s safety isn’t always easy. Every time you leave your email address somewhere, you’re giving away important information and opening yourself to communication.

TripleTwin, founded by Koen, Inge, Hans and Bart, has the solution: myDiego. With myDiego, you create anonymous email addresses, manage your inbox, block spam, … In short: you retake control over your inbox. Because Vikings like to think out of the (in)box, we’ve taken a closer look at myDiego in the Viking Lab with a select group of Viking Pioneers.

We invited 50 tech-savvy Pioneers to try out myDiego’s web application for a month. These are the results:

  • 2 out of 3 testers want to keep using myDiego
  • myDiego scores a 3,5 out of 5 on user-friendliness
  • 1 out of 2 testers look forward to a smartphone app – it’s being worked on!
  • Each tester received 5 Viking Points on their Viking account

What our Pioneers found the most interesting was the ability to remain anonymous and block spam emails. So if it’s up to us, the story doesn’t end here. As soon as the smartphone app is ready, we’ll dive into our Viking Lab again to do some thorough testing! Want to get to know myDiego in the meantime? Go visit the website and secure your inbox. Have fun emailing!

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