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Let your neighbours do your chores

  • Sept. 15, 2015
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Get help from your neighbours

Have a new IKEA cupboard to assemble? Need someone to mow your lawn during your holiday? Let your neighbours do it! No more roaming the Internet for help. With ListMinut, you describe what you need and choose from 11 000 helping neighbours in Belgium. Are you a handyman yourself? Then sign up and help a person in need. :-)

What is ListMinut?

ListMinut is a concept thought up by11401381_1153553894670945_5521658745139056090_n 4 students who developed the idea of a community for doing chores for their master thesis. After graduation, they’ve put theory into practice. Now, they already have more than 27 901 users and people have already done each other’s chores for more than 5 000 hours, including our Viking Pioneers.

Tested in the Viking Lab

On 02/07, we sent our Pioneers an invitation for ListMinut. Those who signed up, received a € 10 credit. We asked them for feedback after a month:

  • Their concept is very clear
  • The website is user-friendly
  • There should be a broader range of options

Get started

Would you like to have some chores done? Or do you want to help someone out? Then sign up for ListMinut. ListMinut will give you a € 10 credit to get you on your way, provided you register before 30/09/15 using this link. Have fun doing chores!


Team 3

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