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Give your friends a free top-up

  • Sept. 15, 2015
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We haven’t found a way to get rich overnight just yet, but earning Viking Points on the fly… We’re getting close! You already receive Viking Points when you shop or take a taxi with a Viking Deal, or when you’re testing in the Viking Lab, … but for the generous Vikings among us it’s possible to share your Viking Points with your friends too. This way, they can get a free top-up, just like you. Very Vikingstyle. :-)

And we owe it in part to you, our Viking Pioneers! We activated the option for you in june, allowing us to thoroughly test the functionality. So once again: thanks!

What kind of feedback did we get?

  • 70 % of the testers will continue to use the feature and give their friends free top-ups
  • 80 % of the testers finds the location of the option within the Viking App logical
  • 85 % of the testers would like to be able to share Viking Points through the website as well

Meantime over 2487 Viking Points have been shared. Of course, we all know by now that averages aren’t always reliable (billions of M&M’s, anyone?). So the mean of all shares is € 8,75. On a daily basis, that amounts to € 59. Keep up the good work!

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