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Experiment: Vikings Unplugged


How viable is the use of a mobile internet connection instead of a wired one at home?

Let’s shed some light on Vikings Unplugged, an experiment that’s been ongoing since December 2015, in collaboration with JOIN Experience.
Say what? Vikings Unplugged?
For Pioneers who don’t know what we’re talking about:
We gave 100 Pioneers a modem with a SIM card and an unlimited data bundle. They had 2 months to test whether this modem could replace their wired internet connection. Or did they find any other applications, maybe?


Experiment kick-off

We informed a select group of Pioneers of this experiment, and found 707 enthusiasts willing to participate. Saskia’s innocent hand (her left hand) chose 100 lucky Pioneers, and we all invited them to the kick-off at Kinepolis Leuven.

Idle installation hotline

After the awesome kick-off, Saskia and I took place next to our hotline to anwser the inevitable flood of questions regarding the installation. But there were no problems whatsoever, so it turned out we could have just slept in. News flash: installing mobile internet doesn’t require a drill.

1,2 TB? No problemo

No one knows which competitors/colleagues might be reading this, so the average usage will remain top secret. What we can tell you, is that the Download (vi)King has used 1,2 TB on their own. And a whopping 45% watches Netflix, while 35% uses … alternative methods to watch television. We’ll let you think about the preferences of the remaining 20% yourselves…

Your conclusion

Many Pioneers recognized the advantage of mobile internet. So we did get a lot of questions regarding a modem that ran on batteries. After the experiment, an astounding 92% wouldn’t object to cutting the cable and trading it in for mobile internet. You might have guessed we didn’t expect this at all. That’s why we’d like to thank the Pioneers who volunteered for this experiment. At Mobile Vikings, a proper Viking offer is being seriously considered….

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