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Experiment Freezle: trade old games

  • April 6, 2016
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Freezle is an online trading platform with a unique approach. When you trade in your old games, you receive Freezles, an online currency. Looking for a new game, but you have nothing to trade for? No problem, you can do business on Freezle without trading as well.

Trading games, and much more

Freezle believes in a sharing economy. Everything is centered around building a community and trading games. Why games? A conscious decision, actually. Many people don’t buy new games because they don’t have the money for it, or they don’t out of principle: after all, games cost up to € 80.
Another advantage? This approach combats e-waste, because used games don’t end up in a trash can anymore.

Freezle starts out in a niche market, but they have plans to expand to other products.
The switch to a full-scale second-hand market is relatively small. Because why wouldn’t you want to buy other products, such as books or clothing, with your currency?

Feedback helps

Our Pioneers’ feedback has allowed Freezle to optimize several features. So, what will change? Simplifying and developing the trading aspect is high on the list, as is their shipment handling.
They have other things planned too: an iOS app for instance, so iPhone users can start trading on Freezle as well. And they hope to motivate people to trade games through gamification. That way, the transaction becomes one of the app’s essential activities which will also allow you to win cool prizes.


Download Freezle for Android.

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