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Experiment BeSports: Online gaming competition

  • April 6, 2016
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Game, Compete, Win!

BeSports is an online platform which gamers of all levels use to compete for awesome prizes. Need an extra dimension in your gaming experience? Then these competitions are right up your alley.
Our Pioneers have thoroughly tested the platform, and shared their experiences with BeSports. BeSports is using that feedback now to optimize their platform.

Back to the roots

Before the testing, BeSports thought a gaming platform should have a mobile website, an app, and social features. Nope. Turns out, gamers are only interested in core competitive features.
An app? Meh, nice to have. Social features? Maybe later.
Oh yeah: a lot of members appreciated the whole “Belgians only” approach.

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Invite a friend

This start-up uses an invite system, just like Mobile Vikings. Inviting a friend earns you 2000 BeCoins, which you spend in the webshop.
BeSports accepted testers in 3 waves, and played the waiting game. The result? Members couldn’t wait to invite all of their friends. That’s when BeSports knew their platform was ready.

Trust us, you’ll hear more from these guys in the future.

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