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Discover Swanest, an online broker that makes intelligent investing simple

  • Sept. 14, 2015
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Does stock exchange revolve around money, or around people? Definitely the latter, if you ask the founders of Swanest. Swanest was founded by a team of Belgian entrepreneurs eager to put people back at the heart of the financial sector. The goal: to develop a financial system that empowers those who use it, and not the other way around. Which is why they created Swanest, an online  tool that makes investing easy as pie.

Build and manage a portfolio

Swanest offers independent and objective advice to do-it-yourself investors. Based on technology, visualisation and algorithms the web application helps you to build a suited investment portfolio, taking your preferences and chosen risk into account. Limited budget? No problem. With Swanest, you decide how much you invest. Afterwards, you can use the web application to continue to monitor your portfolio.

investment-news-pictureTesting the tool

The online tool is your own personal investment advisor. Of course, you’re always in charge! Power to the people, so to speak. Would you like give it a try yourself? Register through the link below. Currently, Swanest is collecting as much input as possible, so the use of the tool is free. And who better to provide feedback but a Viking Pioneer?

Go to Swanest

PS: You’re not obligated to invest in order to participate with this experiment, you can use the web application informatively as well!

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