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Vikings scratch meat off the menu



Together with you, Mobile Vikings wants to make a positive impact on the climate. How? We reduce our ecological footprint by participating in Dagen Zonder Vlees! The bigger your footprint, the more natural resources you use to support your lifestyle. We want to avoid the stress for Mother Nature leading to a planetary burnout.

Sustainable diet

Dagen Zonder Vlees is a campaign which shows your positive influence on the climate by changing your dietary habits. You do this by eating less meat and fish from 10 February until 26 March. Because meat consumption is one of the main causes for climate change.

You choose how far you want to take this: From once a week, up until 7 days. You find varied, inspired dishes on the website, and will be ready to enter a new culinary dimension.

Join other Vikings

Take on this challenge together with all Vikings! Sign up, and join our group. Starting 10 February, you go to the Dagen Zonder Vlees website to mark the days where you didn’t eat any meat or fish. You’ll immediately see the difference this makes for the environment. And if you want to track our Vikings’ combined impact? Well, just check the counter on this page.

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