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VikingCo and MEDIALAAN - the die is cast


VikingCo, the umbrella company of Mobile Vikings, today is announcing MEDIALAAN will become the owner of the MVNO for 100%. This will strengthen VikingCo in becoming a more important player in the Belgian telecom market.

The virtual network operator VikingCo is taken over by MEDIALAAN, the umbrella company of e.g. VTM and Qmusic. Earlier this week, the take-over was approved by the BCA (Belgian Competition Authority) and by the European Commission (as part of the take-over of Base by Telenet).  With the European Commission’s approval, this transaction can now be finalised in a few days.

Peter Bossaert, CEO MEDIALAAN: “After the approval by the European Commission and the BCA, we can now start building MEDIALAAN MOBILE. We’re no longer a broadcaster in the classic sense, but an innovative media company focussing on TV, radio ànd mobile. A direct relationship with our viewers, listeners and customers has never been more important to us.”

As Director Mobile, Herbert Vanhove will lead MEDIALAAN Mobile. In that capacity, he will from now on lead VikingCo as well. Herbert Vanhove: “We’re extremely proud to have VikingCo and MEDIALAAN join forces. Personally, I look forward to continue VikingCo’s success together with the VikingCo team.“

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MEDIALAAN will fully own VikingCo, a mobile service provider that uses Base’s network. Mobile Vikings, a product by VikingCo, comes with 245,000 members, was founded in 2009, and operates a 60-people crew from Hasselt. It’s an innovative company that achieved substantial growth in a short period of time through community building. CityLife, another innovative product by VikingCo that offers a digital loyalty card for discounts or extra’s, will continue independently from VikingCo. The close collaboration between VikingCo and CityLife will remain in place.

Vikings have 3 different reasons to look forward to this positive evolution.

MEDIALAAN becomes a full MVNO

With the take-over of VikingCo, MEDIALAAN is a light MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Provider) using the Base/Telenet network. The coming year, MEDIALAAN will build a telecom core network, turning it into a full MVNO. This way, MEDIALAAN will become a substantial service provider in Belgium, the likes of Proximus, Mobistar, Telenet and Base.

Hans Similon, Chief Viking, is eager: “Vikings have 3 different reasons to look forward to this positive evolution. Thanks to the new working model they can expect new products sooner. Moreover, backed up by MEDIALAAN, it will be possible to reinforce VikingCo’s brand awareness and thus increase the growth of the community. Finally, MEDIALAAN will add value in delivering an extra boost to the Viking Deals model.

So, the following years will prove to be interesting: the opportunities for all Mobile Vikings will be plenty. Watch this space.

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