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Unused calling minutes in your subscription become megabytes


Do you have a Mobile Vikings subscription, and do you sometimes have unused calling minutes left at the end of the month? Well, as of now they’ll be converted into extra mobile data at the beginning of each new month.This happens automatically, you don’t have to do anything yourself. For each remaining calling minute, you’ll get 5 extra megabytes. Those megabytes will remain valid for a whole month. Because why wouldn’t you use your bundle to the fullest?

If you want to check how much extra data you’ve received, simply start the Viking App or log in to your Viking account when you get your new bundle. So move your calling minutes aside and make room for more mobile data. Just saying.

Only the remaining calling minutes of subscriptions will be converted into mobile data.

Let’s summarize:

  • The calling credit of your prepaid SIM card is valid for 6 months after your top-up, and will not automatically be converted into mobile data. This conversion will only be done for subscriptions, not for prepaid SIM cards.
  • The calling minutes of your subscription bundle expire after one month, and any minutes remaining at the end of that month will automatically be converted into mobile data (those megabytes will be valid for one month too). The remaining free calling minutes to other Vikings in your Viking advantage will not be converted into mobile data.

If you didn’t already have a Mobile Vikings subscription, but you’re considering them now, it won’t hurt to check them out.

Questions, or other remarks? You know where to find us.

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