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Never miss another Viking Deal with the plug-in!

  • Sept. 27, 2016
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There are so many cool Viking Deals, it’s not unrealistic to assume you might forget one when shopping online. But there’s a solution: the Viking Deals plug-in. Excuse me, what?

Handy notification
The browser plug-in is a handy tool which reminds you there are Viking Points to be earned on certain webshops, even without going through the Mobile Vikings website. If you land on a website of one of our partners while the plug-in is active, you’ll receive a browser notification.

Viking Deals plug-in

The plug-in is a visual tool to make sure you never miss a Viking Deal again

Easy installation
It only takes 2 clicks to install, after which you’ll have a ready-made visual tool so you’ll never miss a Viking Deal again!

Download the plug-in for Chrome or Opera, or Firefox and you’ll never forget another Viking Deal again!

Head over to our FAQ if you have any questions.

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