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Legal info and consumer info

Communities collaborating for a secure environment

True Vikings always entered the battlefield safely, helmets strung tightly to their heads. Likewise, we believe a secure environment is a worldwide human right, just like free access to open communication. But even the best Viking Drakkars may sometimes encounter vulnerabilities. Via the platform of HackerOne, we want to create a secure and safe environment for everyone.

How does it work?

Mobile Vikings uses a responsible disclosure model to work together with HackerOne and Intigriti. We allow their security researchers to look at our website code so they can report possible bugs through the platform. Together with our internal technicians they will fix the bug. The goal of our online security research is to create a secure and safe environment for everyone. However this program acts online, we want to stress that there is no need to worry. We request the researchers to handle our systems with care, to respect all private data and to keep our systems running. Our customers, the Vikings, will not experience any issues.

Viking Hall of Fame

Brave sailors who discover leaks should be honored - not executed. That’s why we build a Viking Hall of Fame for those who helped us build a more secure environment for our Vikings.

All details of this project can be found in our responsible disclosure policy on HackerOne.


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