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New platform

About activating SIM cards on the new platform

Possible questions

So. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve become active on our new platform. Below you’ll find the answers to questions you might have.

  • I can't send an SMS. What should I do?

    It’s highly likely there’s something wrong with your SMS centre, so you need to check.

    There are 2 possible numbers: +32486000005 or +32456002000. If one doesn't work, just try the other.

    iPhone users can set the SMS centre by entering the code *5005*7672*+32486000005# or *5005*7672*+32456002000# and pressing the call button.

    For all other operating systems, users can enter the number of the SMS centre in the settings of their device (usually in the settings of your text app).

    Afterwards, reboot your device and try sending an SMS to yourself. If that doesn’t work, do let us know.

  • Can you not be reached after the activation of your replacement SIM card?

    Possibly, you are unable to receive calls or SMS right after activation. This is due to the so-called routing. Other operators legally have 24 hours to activate texts and calls to your number. If you still can’t be reached 24 hours after receiving our text, please do let us know.

  • Is your mobile internet acting up after the activation?

    Then you should reset it.

    - Head over to this page over wi-fi, and select your device (or a similar one). Then go to Internet/Manual configuration and follow the steps to add a new Access Point.

    - Do you have an iPhone and do you also use the Viking App? In the app, go to More > Settings > Load APN Settings. Then, magically, the correct settings will be set in your device.

    - Until you’ve reset your mobile internet, your hotspot will not work either. Obviously.

  • What about voicemail after activating your replacement SIM card?

    Your voicemail too should be reset. Read all about that here. The short number for voicemail remains the same at 1933. If you want to call your voicemail from abroad, bear in mind that the number now is +32 456 19 19 33 instead of +32 486 19 33 33.

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