9 reasons to become a Viking

As a Mobile Viking, you are a friend with benefits, the master of your budget, always in the center of our attention.

1. Calling and texting my Viking friends for free

After every top-up, I receive 300 texts and 60 calling minutes per day to keep my Belgian Viking friends up to date.

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2. The bundle I want

I can switch the top-up amount with every top-up and therefore, choose the calling rate I want.

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3. Free top-ups

If I convince you to become a Mobile Viking too, I will receive a free top-up of € 15.

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4. Calling credit for 6 whole months

My Viking credit doesn’t expire after one month; it stays valid for 6 months.

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5. Prepaid with the benefits of a subscription

Receiving monthly invoices, topping up my credit automatically or by text: it’s so easy being a Viking!

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7. Everything online

I can top up, check my usage, consult my credit at any given time. ‘Cause it’s all online!

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8. Being informed whenever I want

I choose for myself which notifications I want to receive. And also how: by email or by text.

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9. The data roaming package I want

When I'm on a foreign mobile network - within the EU - I have three different data packages to choose from.

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