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Save on your phone bill thanks to your debit card

December 22, 2021

Imagine your phone bill getting lower with each debit card payment. thanks to Mobile Vikings and Hello bank!, that’s now a reality!

How? Wel, you get 0.5 Viking Points after every Hello bank! debit card payment. This goes up to 5 Viking Points per month after 10 payments. You’ll be saving up to € 60 per year without any extra effort. This is how it works:

Are you currently a Hello bank! client?

Then you only have to link your accounts, which is a piece of cake.

Not yet a Hello bank! client?

Then open a Hello bank! account! It’s fast, free, and you don’t have to transfer all of your savings if you don’t want to. Simply request a debit card and use it at least 10 times per month to get the most out of this Viking Deal!

This is what Vikings have to say about this Viking Deal:

This was the main reason for me to open a Hello bank! account. It’s great to save € 5 every month.
Viking Sander
I use my Hello bank! debit card to pay for all my Viking Deals purchases. That means every purchase earns me an additional 0.5 Viking Points!
Viking Jonas