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We’re switching to the Orange network!

  • April 1, 2019
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We’re all ready and set for the final sprint: from April to June we’ll gradually transfer all Vikings from the BASE network to the Orange network. Of course you’ll remain a Mobile Viking, but we will be using the Orange network. Why? Because once we’ve crossed the finish line, there will be better products on the horizon. More mobile data at razor-sharp prices. That’s why.

What kind of impact does this switch have?As a Viking, you won’t notice a thing if your device is switched on. A few days before we’re transferring your number, we’ll send you a brief heads-up via SMS. As soon as you’re active on the Orange network, we’ll follow up with a second, short SMS. Anno 2019, it’s still not possible to text to a data-only SIM card. So if you have a data-only SIM card, you won’t notice a thing of this transfer.

If you want to learn more about your coverage on the Orange network, have a look here. To check a specific address, try this.

Thoroughly tested
And to be sure you won’t notice a thing, we’ve been testing extensively with Vikings over the last months, so you know the bar was set high from the start. This is what they had to say about it:




Any more questions? Then find your answer here.

Finish line in sight
One thing is for sure: after this switch to Orange, we’re done with switching, moving, new SIM cards, … Now, we’re fully focusing on new products for you. Better brace yourselves.

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