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Two updates for roaming in 2019


In 2019, there will be two updates when it comes to roaming, and international calls and texts. As of 15/5/2019 we’re updating our international rates, as instructed by the European Commission: the rates for calling and texting from Belgium to a EU number will be drastically lowered.

Before 15/5 After 15/5

Text to
a EU number

€ 0.20

€ 0.07

Calling minute to
a EU number
€ 0.50

€ 0.23

You’ll find more details about calling and texting from Belgium to countries outside the EU in our roaming wizard.

Different situation in Switzerland, Monaco and the Dutch part of Saint Martin: those countries are not part of the EU. We therefore have to update the roaming rates there to € 13/MB, € 0,5/text and € 2,5/minute as of 6/3/2019. Those are the market rates… But do know we’re doing our utmost to lower ours again in the future. We therefore strongly recommend you to not surf via data roaming in these countries. You can block this in your device settings. And make sure to check our roaming wizard as of 6/3 for the correct prices.

We’ll keep you updated!

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