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Talk to Siri and Alexa sometime!


Do you sometimes give spoken commands to Siri, Alexa, or the Google Assistant? Or do you raise your boomer eyebrows when someone’s talking to a digital assistant? At Mobile Vikings for one, we welcome our new robot overlords.

Because today, smart assistants are more than just simple search engines. You can put a face to their names. Well maybe not a face, but they certainly have a personality. Well maybe not a personality, but they do have funny, preprogrammed responses to certain questions. 

That’s why we’ve assembled a list of cool easter eggs: thinks you can say or ask whenever you’re home alone and can talk to your phone without shame. Or when your date isn’t going all that well and you want to know if it’s worth continuing.

Easter eggs:

  • What is Inception about? (Siri)
  • Man’s not hot. (Siri)
  • What’s your best pick-up line? (Siri)
  • What is zero divided by zero? (Siri)
  • Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? (Google-assistent)
  • What’s cooler than being cool? (Google-assistent)
  • Did you fart? (Google-assistent)
  • Talk dirty to me. (Google-assistent)
  • These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. (Alexa)
  • Who’s the real Slim Shady? (Alexa)
  • What are you thinking about? (Alexa)
  • How do I get rid of a dead body? (Alexa)

There are many, many more. Maybe you’ll discover them if you ask nicely?

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