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Survive on mobile data only: how to do it


You might wonder why, come 2019, you would still pay for bundles of minutes and texts you won’t use anyway. After all, it’s super easy to do the exact same with the likes of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Moreover, such apps allow for sharing videos, videocalling and group chat. Yes, our thoughts exactly: that’s why we launched the Only Data rate plan. That’s an 8 GB data bundle you use to do everything over mobile internet. There’s no stopping you with it.

Can you contact people anytime, anywhere?

Of course you can. At Mobile Vikings you make use of the Orange network, which provides 99,9% of Belgians with 4G. You’re online all the time, surfing at top speeds anywhere. Add the excellent quality of today’s communication apps to that and you’re good to go.

What are the advantages?

The price for calling and sending messages over mobile data is just gigantically low, and you won’t be paying for bundles of minutes and texts you won’t use anyway. For instance, for WhatsApp we calculated the number of minutes you can call with the 8 GB in the Only Data rate plan.

8GB, that’s 40000 calling minutes on WhatsApp !

Moreover, in the Only Data rate plan, people can reach you perfectly: anyone can still call or text you. After all, you do have a telephone number. Plus you have unlimited calls to free numbers and emergency numbers (fingers crossed you never need the latter 😅).

I want this!

So… which apps?

We locked down our experts for some 4 hours to do your research, and here are the apps we’d dare to recommend. The prices mentioned here, are based on the Only Data rate plan and are valid for videocalling.


You only need a mobile telephone number for this. Your profile is linked to your number. The contacts in your phone who use WhatsApp as well, will be available immediately.

For one minute of videocalling, think of a usage of about 4 to 5 MB. Price: € 0.01/minute of video calling.

Facebook Messenger

In order to use Facebook Messenger, you don’t even need a Facebook account. Just a mobile telephone number will do. Simply add the contacts from your phone to the app, and you’re off.

Average usage of 1 minute of videocalling is around 15 MB. Price: € 0.03/minute of video calling.


You only need a Skype account for this. You use it to chat with, call or videocall other Skype users free of charge. Convenient feature: if you purchase Skype credit, Skype to Phone also allows calls to fixed and mobile numbers.

Mind you, its data usage for videocalling can be pretty high: some sources report up to 30 MB per minute. Price: € 0.054/minute of videocalling.


For this, you need either a mobile telephone number or an Apple ID. The disadvantage is you can’t connect to non-Apple users.

FaceTime consumes about 3 to 4 MB per minute. Price: € 0.01/minute of video calling.

Google Duo

Required: a mobile telephone number. Just like WhatsApp, your profile is linked to this number. In your contact list it will immediately be apparent who of your contacts uses Google Duo too.

Supposedly, Google Duo uses about 8 to 10 MB per minute. Price: € 0.018/minute.

Are you ready for this?

Look, just take some time to reflect. In the past month, did you use “classic” minutes or texts at all? Didn’t happen, or you barely did? That means you’re ready for Only Data. With an Only Data rate plan you only have what you use every day: an 8 GB data bundle for € 15 to send messages, game and (video)call over the mobile internet. Give it a go, and if it doesn’t suit you, you’ll be back to you prepaid plan or subscription in only a few clicks.

I want this!

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