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Subscriptions with a smartphone not beneficial

  • Jan. 28, 2019
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Nowadays, you can hardly cross the street without getting some smartphone deal flung at your pretty head. Yet, buying a smartphone for a mere € 9 admittedly is something that will stop you in your tracks. Don’t get overexcited, however, because those deals are actually not beneficial at all.

Below we took it to the test with the Huawei P Smart 2019. It will also instantly become clear why at Mobile Vikings we don’t offer such “promotions”. No, we prefer to be transparent.

It boils down to this
You’re paying at least € 97,76 too much… So you’re better off with Mobile Vikings. But not only our subscriptions are beneficial (loaded calling and data bundles, no minimum-term contracts ‘cause we don’t like those either…), thanks to the Viking Deals you can reap even more benefits.

Things get better still
Because on top of the € 199 purchase amount (e.g. at Mediamarkt) with a Viking Deal you’ll get part of your purchase total back. Moreover, that sparkling new smartphone is yours from the start. Just saying…

So, if you’re in the market for a subscription with a smartphone and want to be clever about it, make sure to check our subscriptions. And just get your own smartphone.

Check the subscriptions

*Prices as offered on the websites in question on 29/3/2019.

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