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Replacement SIM card needed


In a not too distant future, Mobile Vikings will become a Full MVNO, offering new SIM cards! A Full what? Well, at the moment, Mobile Vikings is a Light MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). This means that for a large number of services we depend on our MNO (Mobile Network Operator – the guys with the antennas). As a Full MVNO we will be able to manage a far greater amount of functionality ourselves, and compose our products more independently. Too bad building our own mobile network remains out of our league. ;-) For whomever can’t contain their technical curiosity, Viking Koen wrote a blog providing specifics.

Why this matters for Mobile Vikings?

So, your current SIM card is a Light MVNO SIM card, which will no longer work when we become a Full MVNO. That’s why you need a replacement SIM card for each and every Mobile Vikings telephone number you have. Absolutely no reason to panic though, after replacing your SIM card you’ll of course keep your current telephone number, active bundles and calling credit. What’s more, this replacement SIM card is ready for the switch to the Orange network in spring 2019. You won’t need to replace your SIM again.

As of July, we’ll start sending out the new Full MVNO SIM cards by post (free of charge). These are ready for the switch to the Orange network in spring 2019.

What’s going to happen?

As of July, we’ll start sending out the new Full MVNO SIM cards by post (free of charge). Therefore, it’s extremely important you first check your address in your account. We’d love for your replacement SIM card for each telephone number to arrive safe and sound, so we’ll only send those to verified addresses. So take the following into account:

  • Whoever needs a replacement SIM card, will be notified well in advance (via email):
    • 5 days before your replacement SIM card is shipped, we’ll send you a heads-up.
    • As soon as it has been shipped, we’ll send you an email as well.
  • What you do with your replacement SIM card: as soon as you receive it, you activate it, following the instructions in the letter.

Check address

And just to be clear: your current SIM card will remain working as it does today, until you activate your replacement SIM card.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate for a single second to let us know.

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