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Problems are over


June 2019. We’re in the final sprint, the move to the Orange network, we’ve left all problems behind us and we’re ready again to turn the market upside down. Just as well: telecom still is too expensive in Belgium. Until today.

Problems are behind us

In order to become an independent operator, Mobile Vikings has had to go through three major technical updates over the past year. This, however, has allowed us to independently choose the network via which to offer our services to users (with Orange as the new partner). This also gives us the power to guarantee our Vikings always get the best price. Here’s what we’ve done exactly:

  • Installation of a new CRM system. This was necessary to allow Vikings to better manage their services, and allow invoicing on the new platform.
  • Installation of a new telecom platform. In order to grow as a virtual operator (from “light” to “full” operator) we’ve also had to upgrade our telecom platform to gain (much) more control over all data, voice and SMS traffic ourselves. This has given us the freedom to e.g. create our own particular services.
  • Said goodbye to the BASE/Telenet network and transfer all users to the Orange network. Thanks to the new partnership with Orange we guarantee the Vikings a powerful and reliable network and services offering an even better price/quality ratio.

We’re the first to admit that the installation of the new telecom platform hasn’t been plain sailing. For quite some time, we haven’t been able to offer Vikings the service we want. But that’s all in the past now.

Full speed ahead!

The first feat of the renewed Mobile Vikings: launching the Unlimited DA DA TA subscription. Loads of DA DA TA for a few bucks. That’s what we stand for: with this, we’re going to make unlimited subscriptions democratic. Unlimited surfing, calls and SMS for € 29, that’s 25% cheaper than the cheapest alternative in one blow.

Check our Unlimited offer!

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