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Have you tried these dating apps yet?



You probably know this app. Swipe right if you like somebody, swipe left if you don’t. Maybe read a short bio to see who’s witty/interesting. If you’ve never heard of this app, then take a good, long, hard look at yourself.


OkCupid is mostly seen in American shows, but also available in Europe. Not so much focus on looks, as your profile is important too. But let’s be honest: a mix between a Chinese Crested Dog and Willem Dafoe will probably still not be super popular. Even if that person loves food and travel!


Happn will only show you profiles of people you’ve encountered in real life. Have you crossed paths with a handsome dude or a stunning girl, but you didn’t get the chance to say something? You could find them on Happn! Pics and profile included, of course. Maybe something for the Colruyt lady to consider?


Women have to make the first move on Bumble. Probably a breath of fresh air for them, seeing as they’re usually bombarded with unwanted messages from uh… less than stellar guys on other apps. But if the woman makes the first move, you have a better chance at a decent conversation.


Are you a guy that likes guys? Then Grindr is the app for you, although we wonder why they didn’t name the app Grindm.


The app for women who like women is named Her. And here we are, thinking Grindr would be the perfect name. Anyway, Her allows for group discussions and puts an emphasis on community.


Slow dating! Once a day you get a match from a human matchmaker, and you can choose whether you’d like to talk to that person or not. If you choose a subscription, you’ll get multiple matches per day. 


  • Bristlr: for when your perfect dude has to have a beard.
  • Sizzl: go on dates with people who also love bacon. Can’t make this one up.
  • GetPet: Swipe and find your perfect dog from a shelter.

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