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FreeSurf campaign


Minister for Telecom Alexander De Croo has taken the initiative to introduce all Belgians to mobile Internet (check We salute you, Mr De Croo. This is right up our alley: at Mobile Vikings too, we firmly believe free mobile communication is a right. So let’s seize the opportunity and make it a proper, carefree introduction for all Belgians.

Here’s what we’re going to do: on Saturday 24th October and Sunday 25th October, all Mobile Vikings will automatically get a 5 GB national bundle of mobile internet for free, valid those two days. Sounds like a plan? Exactly. But there’s more to it. Not only will we provide free mobile Internet, we’ll be asking all Mobile Vikings to open up the hotspot on their phones to anyone in the vicinity. If everybody joins in, that’ll be an instant 235,000 hotspots of free mobile Internet. We’re launching the #FreeSurf campaign, in which we’ll be using FreeSurf both as the hotspot’s name and as a password. Advice here is to always tread carefully, obviously.

On Saturday 24th October and Sunday 25th October, all Mobile Vikings will get a 5 GB bundle of mobile internet for free.

Moreover, we’re inviting all other providers to step up as well and ask their customer base to do the same. Let’s unite in tearing down mobile boundaries. Don’t know how to open up the hotspot on your phone? To ease the process, we’ve made a quick guide for everybody.

So mark your calendars, open up those hotspots and spread the #FreeSurf love. ;-)

Need more details? You’ll find those in our FAQ.

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