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Registration prepaid SIM card


How do I know whether I need to identify myself with Mobile Vikings?
If you have to identify yourself, we will reach out to you. In your account on the Mobile Vikings website a status message will appear whenever you log in. If you don’t receive any word from us regarding your identification (no status message, or email, SMS,…), that means you’ve already identified yourself. In that case, you’re good. No further action is required.

Of course you still have and maintain the right to consult and update your data, should the need arise.

How can I identify myself with Mobile Vikings?
It’s easy. You carry out your next top-up using a Belgian debit card. According to Belgian law, this identification has to be repeated within 18 months following your first identification.

If you set up an Easy Payment method with a foreign bank account, you won’t be able to activate a prepaid SIM card. Your first payment and the control payment after 18 months always have to be done with a Belgian payment method. For all other top-ups you can of course use your European bank account.

What should I do if Mobile Vikings asks me to identify myself again?According to Belgian law, you should identify yourself upon each request. It’s possible we may ask you to identify yourself again, e.g. because we’ve found an irregularity in your identification. Or when it’s been 18 months since your last identification.

I want to order a SIM card. What should I do?
Simply follow the steps on the website correctly, and you should be fine. We’ll ask you to carry out your first top-up using a Belgian debit card, because that’s how we verify your identification at Mobile Vikings.
We’re not allowed to activate your prepaid SIM card until we’ve confirmed your identity (= validated all of your data and documents). If we come across an error or an irregularity, we won’t be able to activate your prepaid SIM card.

Wanna check whether you need to identify yourself with Mobile Vikings? Click here and log in to your account. If you see a red message at the top of the web page, you need to take action. Nothing to see? Well, carry on then.

Check your verification status

You’ll also find your status in your account settings (under personal information):

prepaid registration

Still have questions? You’ll find everything you need to know right hereAnything else you need to know? You know where to find us. ;-)

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