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Dr. Viking’s holiday tips


Finally, Dr. Viking is back. There must have been a damn long line at the vehicle inspection. Anyway, the best telco doctor in Belgium is ready to dish out some good advice to anyone going on a holiday. Better safe than sorry.

  • Ever since last year, roaming in the EU has the same rates as using mobile data in Belgium. That means there’s no surcharge for surfing in the EU if you have an active bundle. But your Viking advantage is not valid abroad. That means you can’t call other Mobile Vikings for free.
  • Outside of the EU, roaming surcharges still apply. And if you’re not careful, the costs could get high pretty quickly. It’s best to check all of the rates before you leave, so there won’t be any nasty surprises. We also strongly advise you to:
    1. Turn off your mobile data or your data roaming.
    2. Only use wifi networks.
    3. Consider ordering a local SIM card.
  • Are you having trouble surfing abroad?
    1. Check whether you have your mobile internet configured, and always configure your device manually.
    2. Check your settings to see if roaming is enabled.
    3. Reboot your device.
    4. Manually select another network.

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