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Dr Viking - With the plug-in you’ll never miss out on Viking Points again!


There are quite a few Viking Deals now, it’s getting very difficult to remember them all. But why go through the trouble doing that, when the Viking Deals plug-in can do it for you? Excuse me, what?

Handy notification

The browser plug-in is a handy tool which reminds you there are Viking Points to be earned on certain webshops. How? Well, if you search for something on Google, you’ll see a Viking icon next to all the webshops offering Viking Points.

And if you go to a webshop directly, you can activate the Viking Deal directly without passing through our website first!

It looks like this:

Easy installation

In just two clicks, download and install the plug-in for Chrome or Firefox and you’ll never forget another Viking Deal again!

Head over to our FAQ if you have any questions.

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