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After his holiday, Viking Bob will surf and call for free!


Let’s travel forward in time to the middle of August. Bob will have just returned from Valencia, and he’s a happy man. Because in the coming months he’ll surf, call, and text for free. A nice present to himself after delicious paella, the Spanish sun, and the eyes of Juanita. But how in the heck did Bob do it? Well, Bob booked and ordered online at our partners, and a part of his purchase total will be paid back to him. Read with us. 

Back to the present. Bob desperately needs a holiday with his friend, and he books a hotel right in the center of Valencia on Great, everything is within walking distance. Thanks to this booking, Bob will earn 38,5 Viking Points after his trip.  

Starting mid-August, Bob will save € 57 on his phone bill

Bob goes to to book his plane tickets, because, well… the name speaks for itself. Tickets are cheap. After he’s received the confirmation email, Bob has earned 12 Viking Points again. Just for booking his trip!

9 days in Valencia… that’s a lot of time. So what does Bob do? Bob rents a car via so he can go and experience Spanish culture outside Valencia as well. And now he has transportation to and from the airport. Plus 5,76 Viking Points added to his Viking account. Sweet! 

Bob knows he doesn’t have to worry about what’s for dinner after he will have landed in Belgium again. He’ll simply order 2 pizzas and 2 cokes from Takeaway, so he can eat in peace and look back at a great trip. Oh yeah… his meal will earn him half a Viking Point.

After his holiday, Bob will have earned almost 57 Viking Points in total thanks to 4 different Viking Deals. Those Viking Points are added to your account automatically, and you use them to pay your phone bill. Each Viking Point is worth € 1. Starting mid-August, Bob will save € 57 on his phone bill. Bob has got it figured out.

Would you also like to take advantage of all our Viking Deals? Install the plug-in for Chrome or Firefox, and never miss another Viking Deal again!


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