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Our micro SIM cards

Currently, there are several types of SIM cards. Besides the well-known standard SIM card (2FF), some phones also make use use of a micro (3FF) or nano SIM card (4FF). Mobile Vikings offers all those types of SIM cards.

Mobile Vikings SIM card Mobile Vikings SIM card

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Micro compatible SIM card

This card can be used as a standard SIM card as well as a micro SIM card - two for the price of one! If your device needs the standard SIM card (2FF), we advice you to be careful when pressing out the SIM card so you don't accidentally turn it into a micro SIM card (3FF). If your device needs a micro SIM card (3FF) you can press out the SIM card completely.

Nano SIM card

Do you have a iPhone 5 or iPad Mini? Then you'll need a nano SIM card (4FF). During your SIM card request, you've got the possibility to select a nano SIM card instead of a micro compatible SIM card.

Be careful

Once you've got a micro SIM card (3FF) you can only turn it into a standard SIM card (2FF) with the help of a micro or nano SIM adaptor, which you can find in a shop.

You can also request a replacement SIM card by sending an email to info@mobilevikings.com or by going to your own account (go to 'My SIMs' > 'Info' > 'Replacement SIM card'). For each replacement SIM card we're required to ask an adminstrative cost of € 5 which will be deducted from your calling credit.


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