Our delicious prepaid menu, with the advantages of a fixed contract if you wish #Doctor Viking 18

We receive quite some questions of Vikings(-to-be) concerning prepaid versus a fixed contract.
Therefore this post: What makes a Mobile Vikings SIM card really prepaid and how can you be prepaid with the advantages of a fixed contract ‘chez Mobile Vikings’. We present you our delicious prepaid menu :-) .

Prepaid at Mobile Vikings, what is it exactly?

    1. Your calling credit remains valid

Imagine: a month has gone by and you haven’t called a lot. What will happen now? Does this mean you’ve lost your remaining calling credit? Gone with the wind :-( ? Fortunately, that isn’t the case for a prepaid card of Mobile Vikings. As opposed to a fixed contract, your calling credit will be transferred to the next month, so that you can further use it for your SMS, phone calls and data usage ((outside the bundle) tariffs). Thank God ;-) . At Mobile Vikings, your calling credit is valid during 6 months.

    2. Decide for yourself when to top top up and what amount you want to top up with

Desperately in need of some more calling credit? Or do you need less? By using a prepaid SIM card, you decide when you top up. You’re thus not obliged to top up every month again and again. Why not skip a month and save some money? Moreover, you also choose what amount you want to top up with. So it’s possible to switch between our different bundles of €10, €15, €25 and €50 anytime.

    3. Keep control of your budget

Ay caramba! Have you received a nasty invoice at the end of the month with your fixed contract? If you use a prepaid card, you’ll always be the puppet-master of your own usage. If you are consuming a lot of mobile data (without maybe being properly aware of it), your data connection will be shut down when you’ve reached your credit limit and the system won’t keep counting. Bye bye to huge invoices.

And what advantages of fixed contracts are there?

At Mobile Vikings, we integrated the main advantages of fixed contract formulas :-) . You can among others:

    1) use an automatic payment system through Easy Payment. Like that, you never run out of calling credit: you choose when you want our system to do a top-up for you (eg when your calling credit drops below a certain amount)
    2) check your usage in detail on our website,
    3) receive an invoice with an overview of your previous top-ups.

As you see, you are fully prepared to sail the rough telecom seas with us ;-) . And no doubt about it: we very consciously chose to be prepaid: we don’t want to tie your hands with fixed contracts. We want to give you all the liberty you deserve, with the advantage of a fixed contract if you want. Yes! So choose from our splendid prepaid menu. Bon appétit!


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