Mobile Vikings launches the VikingCard – See what’s in it for you as a Viking

UPDATE 14 MARCH 2012 – This is it, this is where you’ll find out if you’re one of the lucky winners who will receive an Instant VikingCard. Today, at 12pm sharp, exactly 967 VikingCards had been sold.

If you guessed close to this number AND sent in your comment, which you had already posted on the VikingCard YouTube channel, your name might be printed in bold below…

So with no further ado, we would like to congratulate Jelle Defoort. Jelle, you’ll receive an Instant VikingCard, with €250 on top of it!!! Congratulations. We would also like to cheer Floris Van Rooij, Stéphane Pirsoul, Bruno De Laet, Jan Mahieu, Dennis van Ham, Robin Van De Maele, Michel Anné, Kristof Vandegaer, Jorik Denef and someone called OpoPOpooPOPOooOo :-). Each one of you will receive the Instant VikingCard, with €100 loaded on it. Keep an eye on your mailbox, because you’ll receive an email shortly!

UPDATE 12 March 2012 - To our great dismay, we have noticed some irregularities in our YouTube competition. We announced the eleven comments with the most “likes” would get a VikingCard with a certain amount already loaded on it. We had to come to the conclusion, however, the competition was not going like it should: people downvoted comments, marked them as spam and even set up bots to downvote the most popular comments. Like that, it is impossible to single out the real winners; it wouldn’t be fair. Not to worry, though, we are still giving away the eleven prizes, as promised.
To win: Go to this GoogleDoc and fill in your comment (the one you put on YouTube). Then, answer the subsidiary question: How many VikingCards (virtual, personalised and non personalised) will be sold by 12pm on Wednesday the 14th of March 2012? Make sure to fill in the GoogleDoc before 12pm on the 14th of March 2012. The eleven entrants closest to the answer to the subsidiary question, who also posted their original comment on YouTube, will win their VikingCard.

Today, we’re launching our VikingCard, a Prepaid MasterCard. That’s right. Mobile Vikings now has its very own VikingCard. No need to worry about hidden fees or credit checks, because you only spend what you load. No surprises, no excuses. What does this mean? From now on, you can book your flights, order clothes online, shop overseas, and basically do anything you want, without having to ask your parents or your neighbor for their credit card.

Alternatively, mum and dad, you can get your own VikingCards and give a Companion Card to your kids. You give, you control!

The first 1000 Instant VikingCard personalised activations receive 100 extra Viking Points, on top of the 50 Viking Points for any activation. So if you hurry, you can get 150 Points!!

Read about the VikingCard in full detail on
Read our VikingCard press release

With this fantastic news, we’re also announcing our 5th #attole action.

What can you win? Our first prize will be 1 Instant VikingCard (to the value of €14,90), with €250 already loaded on the card. The next ten winners will get one of 10 Instant VikingCards (to the value of €14,90), with each one of them €100 already loaded on the card.
What do you need to do to win? Go and check out our video message on our YouTube channel and tell us what YOU would be using your VikingCard for. Buy a ticket to go see your favorite boys band in concert? Buy your flights for your next great adventure in Timbuktu? Buy your cat a new Santa outfit from eBay? Post your funniest comment under the video. Each entrant can only post 1 comment, so make sure you choose your best one. The comments with the most “likes” before the 13th of March 2012 at 12pm will receive the Instant VikingCards. Easy as chips!

Read our Official Competition Rules


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