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Pimp your new Twitter page with Mobile Vikings

Hi Twitter Vikings!

Have you seen the new Twitter layout? No? They did a major make-over with bigger pictures and features to organize your Tweets. You have to log in to Twitter first, then you receive a message to discover the new design.

Ready to pimp your Twitter page but still in need of some inspiration? Mobile Vikings comes to the rescue! We’ve created a new cover photo which you can download on your personal tools‘ page. Furthermore you can also score some free top-ups when friends visit your own Viking site and click the ‘become Viking’ button. So double win!

If you really want your friends to visit your Viking site, you can share it by clicking the Twitter button on your Viking site. Afterwards you can pin this Tweet on top of your feed. This way you can highlight your Viking site. :-) You could already do the same on Facebook.

Well Vikings, have fun pimping your new Twitter page! :-)


Win 2 duo tickets for the Putrock festival


During the weekend of May 9 and 10, the Putrock festival takes place at the mine site in Beringen and we’ve got some free tickets to give away.


Whether you like rap, roaring guitars or some serious dance beats, the Putrock festival is definitely something for you. The entire line-up can be found here, but we’ll already give you some names that stand out: DMX, The Sore Losers, The Datsuns, Gunther D and Marble Sounds. Not bad, huh?

Want to win one of the 2 duo tickets? Then fill out the form below before Thursday (April 24) 4 pm. Winners will be announced on this blog and will receive their ticket via email.

Good luck!

Get free top-ups with your personal tools



You want the best for your friends, right? And you would like to call and text them for free, right? So why not put a Viking helmet on them? :-)

You know if you convince a friend to become a Viking, you get 150 Viking Points (which equals a free top-up of € 15). Want some help doing this? We’ve made it easy for you: you’ve got your own tools!

New tools? You can create your personal Viking site, use the fancy Facebook calculator, change your cover on social media or put a Viking banner on your website or blog. Use whatever tool you like, each tool does the same: they help you get free top-ups.

How? Log in to our website, click on ‘Earn free top-ups’ which you can find in the menu and start convincing your friends! 


So, are you ready to go? Ready to discover your tools? Let’s do this! :-)

Coverage map – March 2014

Vikings, below you can find last month’s 3G and 4G coverage maps, including the 4G coverage that was added in March. If you want to see how the map improves every month, you can go to Viking Bram Vandeperre’s project. By scrolling the bar sideways you see the map turning more dark blue every month.

4G coverage map


3G coverage map


Belgium is testing your speed and so are we!



As you all might or might not know, today is the day of the speedtrap marathon in Belgium. So, there are around 51.767 possible locations where you better not speed with your car the next 24 hours! And, obviously we can’t stay behind, right? That’s why we came up with a slightly different speed test… We want you to test the speed of your mobile Internet connection.

How can you do this?
You can do a speed test with an application on your smartphone. To make it easier for all of you it’s best to download the application ‘Ookla’ to test your speed. Also we’re going to differentiate between 3G and 4G. This way it’s easier for all of you to compare the results. After you’ve downloaded this application, you can do a speed test. Once you get the results you can take a screenshot of them and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter by using #MVspeedtest3G or #MVspeedtest4G.


We give away 5 duo tickets for ‘Bal der Bals’

-Update- Vikings we have our winners, congratulations to Daan, Emily, Lucas, Neslihan, and Edjun! The lucky winners will be contacted soon. 

Vikings, suit up! We are giving away duo tickets for ‘Bal der Bals’ on May 3.

Bal der Bals?
A formal dance event for students who like electronic dance music. This year Zottegem is the place to be and we’ve got the opportunity to give away 5 duo tickets, to be won by Vikings only!

What to do to win those tickets? It’s easy: just fill in the form below before April 23, 9pm.

Good luck!

Doctor Viking #20: Heartbleed incident



You might have already heard a little something about the ‘Heartbleed Bug’. Last week, there was a worldwide problem with OpenSSL, which concerns the security of interactions on websites. Our developers immediately took action and solved this problem. But given the nature and the extent of the problem, we prefer to be cautious and, therefore, we recommend everybody to change his or her password. To do so, you need to log in to your account. (‘My account’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Password’)

PS: Would you like more info concerning the Heartbleed incident? Visit this website.

iPhone 5 series users can enjoy 4G as from May 2nd

Awesome news! As from May 2 all Vikings with an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s device will be able to enjoy the 4G speeds as well. Hurray!

4G blogAfter May 2nd all iPhone 5, 5c and 5s devices will receive an update from Apple. Devices from earlier series such as 2, 3 and 4 aren’t 4G compatible. After you’ve installed the update (this will be a lot faster over WiFi), you will be able to connect with the 4G network. Yes, finally, and without any extra cost for each tariff plan! :-)

Until now, Vikings with an iPhone 5 series device weren’t able to connect with the 4G network, as Apple didn’t permit all network operators to do so. That is except for Mobistar, since they had an agreement with Apple. Now that BASE Company also has an agreement with Apple, their network does permit 4G for its iPhone users and thus also for you Vikings! iPad Air and iPad Mini devices that support 4G could already connect with the 4G network.

More info on 4G for Mobile Vikings? Have a look at the help & support section on our website.

Exclusive codes for Roamler


You know we are always on the look-out for fun, new, innovative thingies. Well now, the new application Roamler crossed our path. The app had its big launch on April 2 in Belgium, and we have exclusive codes for you innovator Vikings to use the app :-) .


In a nutshell: Roamler challenges you to execute small assignments in exchange for points and money. For example: if you’re in the store, you can take a snapshot of the milk’s display and check if the price is right.

Aside from paid tasks, you can also keep yourself busy with entertaining, creative assignments such as: “take a picture of an appealing billboard” or “show us your favourite app”. The more tasks you do, the more Experience Points (XP) you gather, the higher ranked you become and the more money you are earning.

You can download the app for Android and iPhone for free. However, the invites to create a Roamler account are hard to get. Luckily, we take good care of you!

The first 250 Vikings who use the code “rml-vikings” will be with one of the first happy Belgians to use this brand new money-earning app.

So hurry up and enjoy Roamling ;-) !



Design a tattoo for our Chief Viking


This year is the 5th anniversary of Mobile Vikings! Time to celebrate, right? And when we celebrate, we do it right: our Chief Viking Hans is getting a … Mobile Vikings 5th anniversary tattoo. Yes, a real one!

But there is more, he wants the Vikings to design this tattoo for him. He has three little requirements… The tattoo has to be all black, it has to be a certain size (5 cm x 5 cm) and, of course, it has to be for the 5th anniversary of Mobile Vikings.

So, if you want to have your own design tattooed on Hans’ wrist, grab a pencil and start drawing! Our Viking jury will soon choose the winning design. The winner of this competition not only gets a little surprise, his/her design will also be the new design of the fake tattoos we hand out on festivals. You all get until April 27, midnight, to send us your designs:

Viking jury tattoo
Meet our Viking jury.

PS: if there are any tattoo artists who want to tattoo the winning design on Hans, feel free to email us as well.

Good luck!


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